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Natural Law provides a helpful response to ethical issues in business

How wrong is it to lie? Take the hypothetical situation where you arein charge of the software for the launch of a rocket that will put a satelliteinto space. The launch director requires that various people, includingyou and a meteorologist "sign off" on launching the rocket. Theweather is very overcast, and lightning has been detected in thedistance. The meteorologist gives the "OK" to launch therocket. You, however, have serious doubts that the weather is suitablefor a launch, but you are not a meteorologist. The software checks allcomplete successfully, and the software is in perfect working condition forlaunch. Do you make something up that says the software is not ready todelay for another day with better weather? Do you say yes the software is"OK" and go for launch? []

It is important to have process in organizations which encourage objectionsto bad decisions, but still allow decisions to be made and progress followingthose decisions. For example, the US military allows subordinates to ask"Are you sure?" to an order to give the superior officer theopportunity to rethink the decision. If the officer says yes, the ordermust be carried out, but the simple questioning of the order is notinsubordinance. This allows the safety of the organization to beincreased by allowing dissenting opinions without causing work to come to astandstill.

If Aquinas's view is paradigmatic of the natural law position, andthese two theses — that from the God's-eye point of view, it is lawthrough its place in the scheme of divine providence, and from thehuman's-eye point of view, it constitutes a set of naturally bindingand knowable precepts of practical reason — are the basic features ofthe natural law as Aquinas understands it, then it follows thatparadigmatic natural law theory is incompatible with several views inmetaphysics and moral philosophy. On the side of metaphysics, it isclear that the natural law view is incompatible with atheism: onecannot have a theory of divine providence without a divine being. It isalso clear that the paradigmatic natural law view rules out a deism onwhich there is a divine being but that divine being has no interest inhuman matters. Nor can one be an agnostic while affirming theparadigmatic natural law view: for agnosticism is the refusal to commiteither to God's existence or nonexistence, whereas the paradigmaticnatural law view involves a commitment to God's existence. On the sideof moral philosophy, it is clear that the natural law view isincompatible with a nihilism about value, that is, the rejection of theexistence of values. It is also incompatible with relativist andconventionalist views, on which the status of value is entirelyrelative to one's community or determined entirely by convention. It isalso incompatible with a wholesale skepticism about value, for thenatural law view commits one to holding that certain claims about thegood are in fact knowable, indeed, knowable by all.

Health Law, Ethics, and Human Rights

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Health Law, Ethics, and Human Rights

The third answer is Platonic. Like the Aristotelian view, it rejectsa subjectivism about the good. But it does not hold that the good is tobe understood in terms of human nature. The role of human nature is notto define or set the good, but merely to define what the possibilitiesof human achievement are. So one might think that some things —knowledge, beauty, etc. — are just good in themselves, apart from anyreference to human desire or perfection, but hold that the pursuit ofthese are only part of the natural law insofar as they fall within theambit of human practical possibility. This view of the good is not muchdefended — in part because of the scathing criticism offered ofPlato's view by Aristotle in the Nicomachean Ethics (NE I, 6)— but it was affirmed by Iris Murdoch (1970), and forms part of thenatural law view defended by Michael Moore (1982).

Health Law, Ethics, and Human Rights

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The center of Aquinas's natural law view as described thus farconcerns what we might call the metaphysics of morals: its role indivine providence and the universally authoritative character of itsnorms. What, though, of the normative content of Aquinas'snatural law position? Is there anything distinctive about thenormative natural law position? Here it is difficult to say muchthat is uncontroversial, but we can say a sufficient amount aboutAquinas's natural law theory to make clear that it is an interestingalternative to utilitarian (and more generally consequentialist)ethics, Kantian views, and standard Aristotelian positions. (For amagisterial treatment of Aquinas's natural law ethic, see Rhonheimer2000.)

Health Law, Ethics, and Human Rights

In this essay, I do cite the cases in which a companyterminated an employee who chose to follow high ethical principles,and in which the company was able to escape legal liabilityfor that termination by using the doctrine of "at-will employment".

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Unlike employment law based on the Bill of Rights in the U.S. Constitution,which only applies to government employees,the principles in this essay are applicable to employees,even employees of for-profit and non-profit organizations.

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The authors review the FDA policies and procedures that permit some patients with serious conditions to receive investigational drugs before formal product approval and examine the legal and ethical issues associated with expanded access.

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To prevent such erroneous orders, I suggest abolishing the four state interests, and asserting an absolute right for a mentally competent adult to refuse medical treatment.

My long essay ,quotes from the major cases involving disconnection of life-supportmachinery (e.g., ventilator, feeding tube) from patients in a hospitalor nursing home.

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This essay reviews cases under state law involving wrongful terminationof employment in the USA, because an employee chose to follow ethicalprinciples of the employee's profession.