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In the following paper I would like to look at the topic of global business ethics.

The Sport Management degree at the University of Georgia provides students with the interdisciplinary knowledge, professional application, critical thinking, problem-solving, and leadership skills necessary to effectively manage sport and exercise programs.

Students who intend to pursue graduate studies in the social sciences, law, or business are encouraged to pursue research in the department. Other employment opportunities are available in government, business, or other areas that utilize written and oral communication skills.

Employment opportunities are available in a wide variety of human service programs such as hospital social services, juvenile corrections, programs for the elderly, mental health and disability services, case management, referral agencies, and child protective services. Additional professional degrees will permit entry into the fields of counseling and professional practice.

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In addition to core German language courses, students receive guidance from a faculty mentor to devise a curriculum geared towards specific career goals and intellectual interests. The department is comprised of specialists in the major areas of German Studies who integrate language teaching with German literature, linguistics, film, history, philosophy, and culture studies as well as important aspects of contemporary German society, business, and politics. Students acquire critical tools to undertake independent inquiries into the field of German, form their own questions about cultural specificity and difference, and are highly encouraged to study abroad.

Foreword: This research paper discusses theories in business ethics.

Eligible students obtain a broad background of practical business knowledge to support careers as managers or entrepreneurs. The curriculum spans the core business fields, including accounting, finance, information systems, marketing and management. Students also complete courses in economics, real estate, risk management, and business law.

This topic is important in the business standpoint.

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Career opportunities upon graduation are varied, with approximately half (47%) of Environmental Scientists employed in state and local governments. Jobs include but are not limited to environmental consulting firms, environmental research laboratories, environmental horticulture production, and management positions.

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Graduates become educators in a variety of fields including schools, government entities, industry, or community based non-profits. Employment is also available as extension agents to businesses to market food and food preparation equipment, consult on home or clothing design, and advise on family resource management or child development. Colleges and universities employ students with advanced degrees.

A field like business has numerous topics and it is only after you narrow it down that it meaningful topics will be found.

A forum for discussion of social and scientific responsibilities toward the environment in a rational and interdisciplinary manner, the certificate is awarded to undergraduate students who successfully complete at least 18 hours of undergraduate course work, including at least 7 credit hours in core courses (one 3 or 4–hour course in Ecology, one 3–hour course in Ethics, and one 1–hour course in Environmental Ethics), 7 or 8 hours in approved elective courses, and 3 hours for an approved research paper in Environmental Ethics.

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A wide range of employment options exist in environmental and occupational health departments, public health and safety agencies, private industry, solid and hazardous waste management, general sanitation engineering, water and air pollution control, and consulting firms. The degree prepares graduates for advanced degrees in industrial hygiene, toxicology, epidemiology, ecology, and many others while satisfying entrance requirements for professional degree programs in medicine, dentistry, veterinary medicine, optometry, and pharmacy.

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"I valued UGA’s environmental economics and management program through the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, which offers an interdisciplinary approach to business and science. UGA was not on my radar until I chose to spend the summer of my junior year in high school working in a UGA Extension laboratory as a Young Scholar in the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences’ Office of Diversity Relations. That summer, I was exposed to the real UGA—a beautiful campus, a lively college town, helpful professors and every student I encountered loved the school."

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The Fashion Merchandising major at UGA is designed to provide students with a basic understanding of merchandising related to the apparel and textile industries. The curriculum emphasizes the skills and competencies needed for careers in fashion promotion, retailing, merchandising, and management. Course topics include but are not limited to retail planning and buying, global retailing, history of dress and fashion, apparel line development, visual merchandising, and trend analysis.