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Australia has a which guarantees that fair dealing applies if you photocopy either (not more than one chapter), or (less than 10%) of a book or journal (this was a result of a successful lawsuit brought against a university library for "authorisation" of patrons' copyright infringement).

The fair dealing clauses of the Canadian Copyright Act allow users to make single copies of portions works for "research and private study."While there is some interpreting the of the Canadian Copyright law on the topic of fair dealing it is not clear what may or may not be considered fair dealing, and some commercial uses may be considered fair dealing under Canadian law.

The Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada (AUCC), a well established lobbying group representing the educational sector in Canada is of the opinion that making a copy of the following for the purposes of private study and research is fair dealing:

In Australia, the grounds for fair dealing are:

Based on the above facts and citing the relevant sections of the Copyright Act 1994 and case law from New Zealand and other jurisdictions –
a) compare and contrast the case law on a fair use/fair dealing defence in the United States and New Zealand (including, but not limited to, cases relating specifically to music sampling) and how it relates to the present case and its potential outcome. [40 marks]

29, 30) under the terms of "fair dealing".

The prize encourages artists and writers of fiction, poetry and essays to be part of setting a new agenda for our future; questioning our collective common future and how we might get there together. How might we change our collective future? How could we achieve a more sustainable planet? What would fairer work practices look like?

Fair dealing in United Kingdom law - Wikipedia

In the , "fair dealing" has always been the subject of dispute because the law never defines clearly the exact number of copies and the amount of the original materials allowed.

Short Essay on Fair Dealing in Copyright

Under the Copyright, Design and Patents Act (1988) (CDPA), fair dealing is defined as "private study and criticism and review and news reporting" (s.

The Implied Covenant of Good Faith and Fair Dealing | …

The AUCC also maintains that fair dealing applies not just to photocopying but also to other methods of reproduction -- including the making of copies onto slides, microfiche or transparencies.

This concept of “good faith and fair dealing” has been applied to many ..

Nope not allowed - copyright holders have exclusive rights and you can't copy and redistribute.
You have a group project you are working on and send a copy of an article you read that is perfect to the group.

Luckily in Canada we DO have fair dealing that covers the copying of short excerpts of copyrighted works.
Fair Dealing lets you use short excerpts of stuff you need to learn.
...and in 2012 more uses were added to fair dealing law - education and parody and satire.
So Happy Fair Dealing Week Canada!
Your professors can give you short excerpts of works more easily and be funny while they do it.

Fair-dealing legal definition of fair-dealing

In practice, common law courts might rule that actions with a commercial character, which might be naively assumed to fall into one of these categories, were in fact infringements of copyright as fair dealing is not as flexible concept as the American concept of .

The implied covenant of good faith and fair dealing has been ..

29, 30) Although not actually defined as a fair dealing, copyright in works is not infringed by incidental inclusion in an artistic work, sound recording, film, broadcast or cable program.

This essay will also give examples of fair trade ..

Please see the if you are looking for legal advice. Fair dealing is an enumerated set of possible defenses against an action for infringement of an of .