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Towards a Militant Conceptualism | 13 min | Black & White Film Essay, 2013

Audiences will know what to expect when they go too see a film as they will know if they normally like, thrillers, for example then they make the choice of seeing it....

Ian Flemings Bond movies are the longest running film series ever and this helps the perception and opinions of the films to be passed on from generation to generation.

With adequate funding for the restoration, Milestone Films helped produce an essay style documentary on the making of “Film” to be directed by Lipman.

Essays and criticism on Marvin (Penze) Gaye - Introduction.

Pauline Keel a respectable critic for the New Yorker once said “Movies of the past are like samples-swatches of cloth-of the period in which they were made” (Kael)....

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The Maltese Falcon is an example of film noir because of the usage of camera angles, lighting and ominous settings, as well as sinister characters as Samuel Spade, the anti-hero on a quest for meaning, who encounters the death of his partner but does not show any signs of remorse but instead for his greed for riches....

A Vivid Sample Essay - Poets Union

A Vivid Sample Essay - Poets Union

Back when director Rachel Feldman was starting her career, in the late '80s and early '90s, the demand for rape stories was high. She'd been working in television — ; ; — and wanted to break into features with a Lifetime movie. The producers were receptive to the script she had written but demanded one big change: "The only way it was going to go into production was to take this direction where they wanted [the character] to be raped."

Essays and criticism on Marvin (Penze) Gaye - Introduction.

The play was not intended to be an exact historical account of the famous 1925 Scopes Monkey Trial in Tennessee, and so the movie also contains various differences from what actually happened.

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Many experiments have been done recently on children and the effect of violent television shows and movies on their mental stability; the results may shock and surprise you.

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In this essay I will look to explore the inception of the surrealist movement, including the Surrealist Manifesto, to stress the importance of these artists and their work in the 20th century and beyond.

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Apart from Wagner’s fat lady singing opera with horns and a pointed bra, it is todays period films and television shows that lead people to believe these inaccuracies and ultimately provide a false lesson in history....

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Francois Girard got the idea for the movie from events involving the legendary red Mendelssohn, a 1720 Antonio Stradivari violin which was purchased in 1990 by the grandfather of celebrated musician and heiress, Elizabeth Pitcairn (Fricke, 2010).

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In 1971, director Sam Peckinpah wanted to make the "greatest rape scene ever" in , according to the film's producer, Dan Melnick. Actor Susan George was enlisted to play the victim of an infamous "double rape." But Peckinpah refused to speak with George about the scene beforehand, saying he wanted realism. This echoes actor Maria Schneider's experiences on the set of (1972). Just a few years before her 2011 death, Schneider opened up about director Bernardo Bertolucci's harsh treatment of her on set and his decision — with Marlon Brando — to spring some of the rape choreography on her at the last second, specifically Brando brandishing a stick of butter to lubricate her anus before he simulated penetration. "I felt a little raped," she'd told the in 2007, blaming that experience for her personal downward spiral after she shot the film.

The word "cinema", short for cinematography, is often used to refer to the industry of films and filmmaking or to the art of filmmaking itself.

“Space adventure films have excellent graphics and color schemes, including visual effects, special effects, and being culturally, and historically significant.” It’s amazing how much the film industry has grown in a short period of time, with the impact of imagined innovations in science, technology, imaginary elements, and science fiction....