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“Foster care is the temporary placement of children and youth with families outside of their own home due to child abuse or neglect (Foster Parent Information par.

The Children's Rights Project has initiated a number of successful civil suits against foster care and child welfare systems. One such landmark suit was brought against the Illinois foster care system. Attorney Benjamin Wolf instituted the legal action after concluding that the states foster care system functioned as "a laboratory experiment to produce the sexual abuse of children."

The foster care system is great when they remove children from harm but they need to do better background checks which would cut down on multiple moves, figure out a better system of getting children out of the system and into homes, and they need to figure out how to accommodate out of state parents....

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In August of 1996, Tara M. would make the headlines once again, as her new foster parents were sentenced for "one of the most appalling cases of child abuse" Common Pleas Court Judge Carolyn E. Temin said she had ever heard.

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Nine-year-old Tara has had three skin grafts and wears a protective stocking in recovery from burns over more than half her body. Police said the foster parents punished the girl by stripping her, forcing her into the bathtub and dousing her with buckets of scalding water. This was the very best of care the city could provide for Tara, a girl who had already endured years of physical and sexual abuse in the several foster homes into which she had been placed over the years.

Adoption should not be based on race, ethnicity, or religion.

Once the child is put in foster care the brith parents right are no longer valid.

The Adoption Assistance and Child Welfare Act of 1980, the Adoption and Safe Families Act of 1997, and the Adoption Promotion Act of 2003 are all legal laws set in place to make sure the states are finding permanent homes for the children.

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The foster care experience itself seems to be related to negative life outcomes for aged-out adults. It may be that reentry and drift impair independent living skills acquisition by interrupting both formal education and other important learning experiences, such as independent living skills training that would have more adequately prepared aging-out youth for independence. As a result, child welfare professionals have developed independent living skills training to better prepare older foster children for more successful transitions to adulthood. Although there are many foster care agencies providing excellent independent living skills training, many adults who have aged out of foster care indicate the training was inadequate because it relied on generic workbooks, was not community specific, did not require long-term learning by foster children, and was not ongoing long-term training.

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About 20,000 individuals age out of foster care each year. Their living conditions and outcomes, compared with those of individuals who have never experienced foster care placement, are typically worse. Because the foster care system seldom adequately prepares aging-out youth for independence, they often experience other social problems in adulthood and suffer lower levels of overall well-being compared with the general population.

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Aging out becomes a social problem in the failure of the foster care system to secure permanent adoptive families for these children earlier, leaving them to become adults who have no permanent legal families. Children not successfully reunified with families of origin or alternative family members—such as an aunt, uncle, or grandparent—leave foster care, transition directly into adulthood, and lack placement with permanent families.

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The foster care system fails in several ways to prepare youth for independence. First, many people who age out of foster care complain that the initial reasons they were placed in foster care—child abuse, neglect, and dependency—were never adequately processed by the foster care system. Many complain that they were left to manage all of the psychological impact of experiencing child abuse and neglect by themselves. While the long-term effects of child abuse and neglect vary, the effects do tend to be negative. Those individuals who were provided counseling services for the effects of child abuse, neglect, and dependency frequently claim that the therapeutic approaches used by counselors were ineffective and that they struggled and still struggle with the long-term effects of child abuse, neglect, and dependency.

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Even though this was the first recorded adoption, scientists know that adoption was a common custom to do within families when a parent died(“Adoption Timeline”).