I wish for life-long health, happiness and prosperity.

It seems humans have always wished for material possessions and spiritual powers.

I wish people can magically be aware of the balance between rights and responsibility, cause and effect, goodness-in and goodness-out, life and living.

I wishes to understand Einstein's theories of relativity applied to gravitation, to become a better chess player, and to become a better communicator (written and oral)."

I'm at a place in my life where my lessons are becoming pretty clear, so my wishes relate to easing the path I'm on—not taking away the lessons, but allowing for some freedom.

As you read, I hope you enjoy the progression of wishers starting from young age to old.

I wish that no one in the world ever intentionally hurts anyone else, because people are continually hurting other people If I wished for eternal happiness for everyone, then no one would probably ever know they happy because they wouldn't know sadness either.

I wish for happiness for someone I will identify as 'B.

I wish to be invisible (so I can see and hear without being seen or heard), to possess telepathic and telekinetic abilities (to be able, at the other's consent, to speak through the mind) to be able to fly, and also take whatever I am touching flying with me (like a friend) to have an endless bank account, so I can start my own theatre company and not worry about living in a slum.

I wish for the happiness of loved ones gone by."

I wish for a degree of happiness and fulfillment that can only be described as nirvana.

I suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and wish that a miracle cure could fix me so that I can dump all my medications and resume a 'normal' life once again."

I wish for a change in human consciousness.

I also wish economics would just go away like some bad dream and every person would be free to grow to their full potential, not stifled by the mindless economic needs of a mindless and soul-less organization.

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I wish for everyone to realize they are all factions of the creator and to realize that the world is actually a part of themselves and stop destroying it in the name of 'progress'.

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I wish for food replicators such as those on , for a complete end to pornography of all sorts (but especially child porn), swift (within 3 months) trials and prosecution of criminals, castration of convicted rapists, capital punishment for convicted murderers, severe, harsh, and long-lasting punishment for convicted child abusers, severe penalties for drunk driving, an end to government waste, and honesty, decency, and kindness everywhere to be more common than tulips in Holland on a spring day.

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I wish that the Unitarian church we just began attending will appeal to all of us, sensibly address the questions my son has about God and religion, entice my husband the agnostic into attending, bring me closer to an understanding of my own feelings, and involve us in a caring community which encourages us to get involved and help others.

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I wish for better health for my son who has food intolerances and gastronomic problems, and better health for my husband who has insomnia and other stress-related problems.

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Then I would wish for the wisdom and enlightenment necessary to both live in relative peace with the information I've been given, because going insane is not high on my list.