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whose lives Parks documented as part of a 1968 Life magazine photo essay

This series from in 1952 sums up just one of the many contradictions and facets that made up Gordon Parks. Filmmaker, poet, writer, photographer, movie producer, cinematographer, magazine publisher, novelist, activist, choreographer, semi-pro basketball player, and composer. And those are the accomplishments of his that I can list just off the top of my head.

This Summer, New York City’s Spring Studios is displaying more than 50 fashion photographs from the 1940s to 1970s from Time Inc.’s extensive LIFE photo archives that provide a rare peek into the history of the Big Apple. Featuring work from three of the four original LIFE photographers—Margaret Bourke-White, Alfred Eisenstaedt, and Peter Stackpole—the exhibition also curates images from other seminal photographers such as Yale Joel, Nina Leen, and Gordon Parks. The photographs feature iconic fashion as well as the genre’s icons like Audrey Hepburn, Earth Kitt, Jessica Tandy, Marlon Brando, Sophia Loren, and Marilyn Monroe.

“This year marks the 80th anniversary of LIFE, and we’re delighted to share a glimpse of our archives with Spring Studios. To see the fashion photography of Gordon Parks, Nina Leen, and Gjon Mili presented together at this scale is unprecedented,” said Jill Golden, manager of the LIFE Photo Archives.

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children, who Parks followed for a photo essay for Life magazine.

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