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Laertes tells her to beware of Hamlet's interest as it is driven by lust, not love.

Michael Pennington in “Ophelia: Madness Her Only Safe Haven,” describes personality traits of the young lady: This is the woman she might have become – warm, tolerant and imaginative.

"Hamlet" is the first work of literature to looksquarely at the stupidity, falsity and sham of everyday life,without laughing and without easy answers.

Revenge and greed has the power to turn a complete civil man into a total savage and Shakespeare showed the reader in one of his most popular fine works called Hamlet.

Hamlet certainly displays a high degree of mania and instability throughout much of the play, but his "madness" is perhaps too purposeful and pointed for us to conclude that he actually loses his mind.

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Butunlike most of the other characters (and most peopletoday), Hamlet chooses not tocompromise with evil. Dying, Hamlet reaffirmsthe tragic dignity of a basically decent person in a bad world."Hamlet" is the first work of literature to show anordinary person lookingat the futility and wrongs in life,asking the toughest questions andcoming up with honestsemi-answers like most people do today.

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That weakness of mind and will, which permitted her obedience to her father and thus destroyed her hope for Hamlet's love, finally resulted in her insanity and death....

Hamlet tells his mother that he is pretending to be “mad”.

In Shakespeare's Hamlet, Ophelia is treated as a marionette with her strings in the hands of the people around her; however, Kenneth Branagh portrays her as independent and innocent, ignoring Shakespeare's representation of her as feeble-minded through complete male dominance in her thoughts and actions, her indecisiveness,...

Women of Ophelia's time were trained to be chattel to their men

Unlike so much of popular culturetoday, "Hamlet" leaves us with the message that life is indeedworth living, even by imperfect people in an imperfect world.Shakespeare's "Hamlet" is full of talk about death,dead bodies, murder, suicide, disease, graves, andso forth.

she is forced to lie and thereby to incur Hamlet's disapproval

In her essay, “Acts III and IV: Problems of Text and Staging,” Ruth Nevo explains how Ophelia’s treatment of Hamlet causes a negative reaction within the hero: Whereas it is precisely his total inability to know her [Ophelia], or for that matter himself, that the scene, in this theatrically simpler view, would allow us to perceive as the center of his anguish....

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(You may not agree with everything they decide.)As you read the play, watch how Hamlet -- who starts by wishing he was dead -- comes to terms with life, keeps his integrity, andstrikes back successfully at what's wrong around him.

We see that Hamlet treatment of Ophelia because of this may be thestraw-that-breaks-the-camel's-back with respect to the pressure he puts onOphelia.

Hamlet’s supposed madness becomes his primary way of interacting with the other characters during most of the play, in addition to being a major device that Shakespeare uses to develop his character.

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So far as I know, it's the first time this theme -- now so common -- appeared in world literature.Hamlet, our hero, is the son of the previous king of Denmark,also named Hamlet ("Old Hamlet", "Hamlet Senior" as we'd say),who has died less than two months ago.