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The purpose of this assignment is to underline the ethical, legal and professional issues surrounding the episode of care during nursing practice and how these issues influence the role of the nurse and their professional judgement in delivering holistic, person-centred care for the patient.

I will explore one patient’s holistic needs, identifying the priorities of care that the patient requires; I will then highlight a particular priority and give a rational behind this.

Please note: In line with other organizations and institutions offering an education in natural animal health and animal nutrition, our courses do not provide an education in veterinary science or prepare students to practice any form of veterinary medicine. HATO offers courses to students world-wide and licensing requirements regarding the treatment of animals may vary for each country, state, territory and county. Completion of a HATO course does not guarantee an employment outcome. Formal requirements other than educational qualifications (e.g. licensing, professional registration, etc.) may apply to some jurisdictions. However, HATO does provide educational courses in the principals of safe and effective natural animal health care and natural animal nutrition and graduates can apply for membership through the Holistic Animal Therapy Organisation (HATO).

Nursing’s Uniqueness to the Health Care Industry Nursing is unique to the healthcare industry because nurses use a holistic approach.

Around the world there has been renewed interest in holistic animal health care as people seek safe and effective ways of supporting and maintaining the health and wellbeing of their pets. This renaissance in natural animal health care has seen an increase in animal owners seeking professional holistic animal health advice for their dogs, cats and horses.

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To allow practitioners to offer informed advice, HATO now offers a Diploma in Holistic Animal Health which will allow graduates world-wide to have the skills and knowledge to help pet owners care for their dogs, cats and horses using natural animal health principles.

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Finished an essay on the holistic approach the mental distress, thought I would share some of it; let me know your thoughts....

* Hato’s mission is to empower and support natural animal health practitioners and animal nutritionists world-wide by progressing the field of holistic animal health care and natural animal nutrition.

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While PHP has been proven helpful in treatment of diabetes in both humans and cats, if you are having difficulty adjusting your cat's insulin requirements, PHP may cause some problems because it reduces the need for insulin. If your cat has in the past had intestinal blockage, you should only be feeding a raw diet under the care of a competent holistic veterinarian. PHP may interfere with the absorption of some drugs; therefore, again, you should be working with a competent holistic veterinarian.

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The holistic philosophy and practices of our Holistic Natural Health, Healing & Nutrition Colleges, Schools & University provide our students with the Holistic Education and Training online through our Holistic Natural Health, Healing & Nutrition Degree & Certification Course Programs. Our Holistic and Natural Health Course Programs will help students and graduates on a personal level to develop a successful and prosperous Holistic Counseling Practice & Career.

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Founding trustee Ralph Fucetola (),was, at that time, beginning a lawcareer, representing small churches, holistic practitioners,alternative enterprises and social dissidents.

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Palmer, Parker (1993). . San Francisco, CA: Harper San Francisco. This is a classic essay by one of the outstanding educational thinkers of our time. Parker Palmer was a student of Robert Bellah (Habits of the Heart) and shares Bellah’s deep concern for modern society’s loss of community and shared, sustaining values. He is also a spiritual seeker who was affiliated for several years with the Quaker retreat center Pendle Hill. To Know as We are Known expresses these concerns in lyrical, heartfelt prose. Palmer examines the modern tendency to objectify knowledge in order to “divide and conquer creation” and demonstrates that this is a fundamentally alienating and violent way to conceive the world. He proposes, instead, that true knowledge involves a mutual relationship between person and world — a relationship which calls upon us as individuals, and as a culture, to approach our experience with humility, reverence, imagination, and feeling. Holistic knowing is deep self-knowlege that engages the person morally and spiritually with the life around oneself.

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Holistic care implies the meaning of both patients’ diagnosed illness and their overall wellness and life circumstances, which is also referred to as an array of ‘complementary and alternative therapies’ (Jaimet, 2012).