There are many mysteries for us to discover.

James Hilton represents this combination of ideas and cultures in the novel, Lost Horizon (1933).

In the older America, most poor people were free to work or go into business without asking permission from government. Low taxes and minimal regulation allowed them to keep most of the fruits of their labor. The stability of marriage encouraged men to meet their family obligations. Government officials, teachers, and writers praised the dignity of responsible self-support and condemned irresponsible dependence on government handouts.

There were simultaneous efforts to control the spill and clean up the spill “Additionally, the oil recovery and clean up operations are expected to resume once adverse weather has passed.

In the Middle Ages, a serf might have worked hard all his life, but much of what he produced went into the hands of a wealthy landowner. In most countries of the world, including America today, government regulation and licensing requirements often prevent the poor from entering and competing freely in the market. Besides, much of what the working poor earn through their own efforts is taxed away to support those who do not work.

On April 20, 2010, an explosion aboard the Deepwater Horizon killed eleven crewmen.

(Barnhill) Throughout the history, placebo has always been approached with apprehension and suspicion.(Horizon) It is quite a controversial subject in medicine but recent research shows that there is more to placebo than the stereotypes and the myths let on....

Is there somewhat overweening in this claim?

The UNIA negotiated with the Americo-Liberians to establish a UNIA "colony" that would facilitate the immigration of Diasporan Africans. Pressure from the U.S., French, and British governments put an end to the project. In 1924 the Liberian government arrested and deported UNIA engineers assigned to construct houses, and seized $50,000 worth of construction material meant for the future settlers.

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Sacred cities, to which aperiodical religious pilgrimage was enjoined, or stringent lawsand customs, tending to invigorate the national bond, were thecheck on the old rovers; and the cumulative values of longresidence are the restraints on the itineracy of the present day.

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Marcus Garvey (1887–1940) joined the ATOR staff in London in 1912. Upon returning to Jamaica in 1914, he established the Universal Negro Improvement and Conservation Association and African Communities League. The organization he founded in New York, the UNIA, was the first mass movement of black people. By 1920 the UNIA claimed over one thousand divisions in forty countries. Its weekly newspaper, The Negro World, published in English with Spanish- and French-language pages, circulated around the globe, alarming colonial officials, who banned it. Garvey's rhetorical call of "Africa for the Africans" earned him numerous enemies.

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In order to help the poor, government raised taxes on the working poor. In the name of safety and environmentalism, it set up licensing requirements and regulations that make it harder for the poor to go into business building houses, repairing air conditioners, exterminating insects, fixing cars, or running a store or restaurant. Local governments set up building codes that were meant to guarantee safe dwellings and businesses but which deprive the poor of inexpensive housing. Code requirements drive up the costs of new houses by tens of thousands of dollars.

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The subsequent sinking of the drilling rig resulted in the discharge of over 210 million gallons of crude oil into the Gulf, causing extreme environmental damage to the marine ecological system, as well as affecting millions of wildlife habitats along the coast.

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On April 20, 2010, 126 workers on the mobile offshore drilling unit Deepwater Horizon were in the process of temporarily closing the exploratory Macondo oil well.

The book Imaginative Horizons: An Essay in Literary-Philosophical Anthropology, Vincent Crapanzano is published by University of Chicago Press.

Before 1965, most Americans believed that property rights and the marriage-based family were the most effective means to get people out of poverty. After 1965, government policy and elite opinion turned against the older view.