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two of the most popular surveys of the American past are written by Paul Johnson and Howard Zinn.
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Does he use primary sources as evidence to support Howard Zinn or Paul Johnson: Which Author´s Story Makes…When Zinn died January 27, 2010, he bequeathed numerous writings on (3).

Jul 4, 2014 The Influence of Howard Zinn on the Loss of Patriotism, and the Antidote far left “history” of the late Howard Zinn, whose A People's History of the A much better antidote to Zinn is Paul Johnson's "History of the American People" about the holiday, which usually turns into a bullet point.

Desmond Tututalks about being called to act by the 3 billion people in the world “who are not responsible for global warming” but “will pay the
highest price if wealthy countries refuse to do their fair share.” Do you feel a connection to those people or sense of resonsibility? If you do what would it mean for your choices to act on it? Thinking back to the beginning of the book, does Tutu offer a way to do that without lapsing into bleak despair? Explain.

Dostoyevsky once wrote, "Each one of us is responsible to all others for everything." Do you agree or disagree with this perspective? Explain. If you agree, how is this possible? List specific ways you can carry out your responsibilities "to all others for everything."

"Only Justice Can Stop a Curse" by Alice Walker

Have you ever experienced the mind-state Alice Walker describes, where you decide that humans have messed up the world so profoundly, that maybe we're just doomed to extinction? How did you get past it?

What is your reaction to the curse-prayer at the beginning of the Walker essay? Have you felt this kind of anger and bitterness toward an enemy? Were you able to channel your anger in positive ways? If so, how?

Walker states that although she has been an activist all her adult life, she sometimes has felt embarrassed to call herself one. What defines an "activist" in your opinion? Compare definitions with others. Would you be embarrassed to call yourself an activist? Why or why not?

Can you conceive of Walker's interracial marriage being illegal, and the laws prohibiting it being justified by mainstream institutions, like most of the southern churches? Does this have any relevance to contemporary debates, for instance on gay marriage? Compare this history with the history described in Dan Savage's essay.

What is the tragedy of the world that Walker refers to?

Walker concludes her essay by recalling the story of "blond Paul from Minnesota" from her voter-registration work in the deep South. What is the point of this story-that is, what did she learn from that experience that is a part of who she is today? Have there been people you've dismissed who've surprised you with their courage or vision?

Walker renews her soul by remembering " fresh peaches and the courage of `people at their best, reaching toward their fullness'" in order to expand her spirit and make her feel larger than her rage. Have you ever been brought out of feelings of bitterness by savoring the fruits of the world? How does this parallel the Desmond Tutu story that Loeb tells in the book's introduction?

How do our small stones of activism add up to build an edifice of hope?

Explain the quote: "All we own, at least for the short time we have it, is our life. With it we write what we come to know of the world." How would you write a more just world with your life?

"The Clan of One-Breasted Women" by Terry Tempest Williams

Did you know about the nuclear testing of the 50's? Did it surprise you that our government knowingly exposed our population to these risks?

Compare the Tempest Williams essay to Joanna Macy's "The Elm Tree Dance" in Section VIII. How is your understanding of the Macy essay affected after reading the Tempest Williams piece?

Review the essay to identify some element about which you would like to know more information, and research it; for example, Operation Plumbbob, McCarthyism, Eisenhower's Cold War policies, nuclear testing today, the Atomic Energy Commission, etc. Share your findings with others in the class. Did you find out anything that surprised you? Explain.

Has anyone told you "just let it go" about an injustice you later regretted not acting upon?

Tempest Williams asserts, "Tolerating blind obedience in the name of patriotism or religion ultimately takes our lives." Explain what she means. Do you agree/disagree? Do you see examples of this today? Explain.

What did the women mean when they talked of reclaiming the desert for their children?

When she is handcuffed, the officer finds a pen and pad of paper, which Tempest Williams says are weapons. Explain how a pen and a pad of paper can serve as political weapons.

How does the dream portion of the essay contribute to its overall meaning?

The Tempest Williams essay includes a number of references to the deaths of women the author has loved. The essay also expresses anger toward the nuclear testing that almost certainly destroyed their lives. So where is the theme of hope? Why do you think so many activists passed this essay around when it first came out? Why does Loeb consider Tempest Williams such a powerful hopeful voice?

"Next Year in Mas'Ha" by Starhawk

When Starhawk describes the settlement residents who could be her aunts and uncles, explain the tug of loyalty she feels. Have you ever tried to question the actions of a group in which you were raised?

What do you know about the history of the Israeli West Bank settlements? About the life and death of Rachel Corrie? About the nonviolent resistance efforts she was part of? Have you ever seen a map of the Israeli settlements? Americans for Peace Now, the US counterpart of the major Israeli peace group, has of the current map on their website. If you visit it, does it surprise you to see the extent of the settlements compared to the core West Bank population centers?

Starhawk describes the stark contrast of two realities, the California-like homes of Elcanah and the zone of destruction beyond the wall. Does this kind of "two realities" exist in America as well? Explain. What are some of the root causes of two realities within the United States?

What is the "slight sweet hint of hope" that Starhawk tastes in a situation that might seem unimaginably grim? How does it connect with the book's theme of the power of generosity?

What would it mean, in our own situation, to open our hearts to the children of the enemy and ask for help?

Why does Starhawk close with "Next year in Mas'Ha"?

"The Gruntwork of Peace"
by Amos Oz

Where would Oz and Starhawk likely find agreement despite some of their obvious differences? What is the over-arching theme for the two essays?

Were you surprised by the span of people that participated in the discussions on the draft peace plan: Israeli generals and Mossad officials, and long-jailed Palestinian leaders, including leaders of guerrilla groups? How they were able to overcome the history of bloodshed on both sides, in which many had participated? What do you think they had to let go of to come to the place where they could even talk? How did each side give up part of its identity?

What do Starhawk's and Oz's essays suggest about the possibilities for peacemaking in very conflicted political situations? Do you think it necessary to get to know the other side face-to-face as people? How can that approach be applied to conflicts in our country, or our everyday lives?

Howard zinn vs paul johnson essay.
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And 3 Essay Howard Zinn's A People's History of the United States "Chapter 1 Howard Zinn Vs Paul Johnson.A people's history of World War I - Howard Zinn.

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Book Comparison Intro Howard Zinn and Paul Johnson are two Zinn and Johnson Essay.
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They both wrote stories on the Native Americans but their views are .Howard Zinn or Paul Johnson: Which Author´s Story Makes Better Sense of the History of the United States?

Howard Zinn or Paul Johnson: Which Author´s Story …