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The very meanings of Islam are of peace for mankind and submission to god....

Like early Christianity, Islam was monotheistic, that is, Muslims worship only one God.

Islam was a modernising influence, imposing a consistent order among different societies, strengthening powers of government and breaking down ethnic loyalties.

Even though, Al-Farabi doesn’t specifically address the tension between Islam and the west his theories are compatible with several of their secular ideals; many of which coincide with the Greek philosopher, Plato....

For many, this made conversion to Islam easier and less upsetting than conversion to Christianity.

In the early centuries of its existence, Islam in Africa had a dynamic and turbulent history, with reforming movements and dynasties clashing and succeeding each other.

Islam has been a religion that has been accused of supporting terrorist activities in the world.

I will examine the relationship between Islam and politics, definition of Islam and democracy, the connection between Islamic teaching (Hadith and Quran) and Islamic movements and different perspectives of Islamists or Islamic countries....

2. What was the significance of the Muslim victory over the Quraysh?

In spite of whether this powerful force works for the good or bad of mankind, it would be a great mistake to think that the globalization and economization of thought has lessened religion’s importance.

Mandaville proclaims an important aspect of the Islamic religion.

Muslims believe that there is only one God. The Arabic word for God is Allah.

Out of this has come a conclusion that this area of the world is prone to be more violent than other parts and this is largely to due to the Islamic religion.

By the 1880's, Islam had taken root in one third of the continent.

This gave him, in his own words, "sharp insight into the complexities of that turbulent region." However, the purpose of the book is not to produce a critical or controversial interpretation of Islamic scripture.

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By the 1950s things began to change again as Turkey transitioned to a multi-party system and the Islamists began to campaign more loudly and publicly for the right to practice their faith in public (Arat 871)....

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Misinformation and misconception about Muslim women is the main reasons why so many Westerner’s have the picture of Islam, especially in America, associated it with bad images of oppressed women hiding in their hijab,, or walking behind their husbands.

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The way civil society responded to “Nirbhaya” gang-rape case of December, 2012 in Delhi; the way people came on the streets in protest against this horrific and barbarous crime committed against a 23 year old woman; this people’s movement has undoubtedly engineered the emergence of a new consciousness among us about the need for a realization of women’s honour and dignity in the society....

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The cultural studies approach, which examines the particular context in which one interprets his or her religion, is particularly important when it comes to understanding religions like Islam, whose adherents come from vastly different backgrounds....

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Actually, I have to admit, with the little bit of information I do have, I find it to be an aggressive religion and one that I would not be interested in learning about.