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There is also a key-hole shape on the middle with a woman walking towards it.

The woman is holding a torch and a pole which shows that she
is scared of something that might be behind that key hole and that she
is planning to go inside since she looks so curious.

"Cry, Wolf" was the winning essay for the December 1995 Beulah Davis Outstanding Freshman Writer Award.

Comments and questions in the sidebars are not meant to be critical at all, but are meant to assist the reader in thinking about how the essay is structured and how the argument develops from point to point.

The little icons for transitions, , are meant to indicate those points of connection from one idea to the next — sometimes a transitional word (a word like "however" or a coordinating conjunction) or a repetition of key words and phrases, etc.

It has been two millennia since the ruin of the society that Ford looked up to. Unlike Abraham’s time, or Moses’ time, the world is ready to hear why things are not working out. The Jews must introduce once more the method for uniting above differences. Indeed, the key is the word, “above.” The Jews did not suppress their differences, but used them to the benefit of the whole of society. Today the Jews must teach themselves once more how to conduct themselves this way, and thereby become a role model society.

This must mean that the scary parts of this film would probably be mostly in that house since the key hole is there also.

Israel: God of all waits on your cry to him in the name of Jesus.
Your land belongs to God and not just that little piece of land your on that has the Middle East foaming like pigs that they are. But also Gaza, Egypt, Jordan, Persia “Iran” turkey, the ottoman empire. “These and more was give to Abraham, conquered by Joshua, and king David, and right in that region once stood the beginning of time and earth… the garden of Eden. Benjamin you have great wisdom and patience from God you were chosen for a time like this… Armageddon. There will be no more war after this. If you give God all the glory for every victory you bleed for. He has promised vengeance to those who oppose the apple of his eye; your enemies will be slaughtered by his wrath. There will be a time were be a time were even the powerful I.D.F. will down in two days giving the land time for refuge read the whole word of God all 66 books I am an pagan who took Christ to heart he came and promised to come back in great power, that’s why the orthodox Jews did not receive his visitation the first time. Please get right with the Christ today, they call him Yeshua. Just a taught but push Gaza into the Mediterranean sea and see if rats swim. That land shall not be divided ever, if so damnation comes on the world and Christ will come and take those who call on his name off this earth till all opposition is gone. Shalom.

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Hardwork Is Key To Success water, a hole had been formed in that hard stone.

Down The Rabbit Hole, essay by Mike S