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An effective, uniformly controlled collection of ten stories from the author of, most recently, Cat's Eye (1989). Gathered here are pieces previously appearing in top short- story forums--The New Yorker, Granta, Saturday Night, Playboy- -providing an excellent sampling of high-proof Atwood. Virtually all the pieces focus on the lives of women equivocally connected to the men around them. In "Wilderness Tips," a middle-aged woman is bluntly confronted with her husband's infidelity. "Hairball," the most disturbing here, involves the dissolution of a woman's affair with a married man; the otherwise naturalistic posture of the story is powerfully undercut by the presence of a removed tumor that the young lady keeps in a jar, eventually sending it, neatly wrapped, to her lover's wife. In "True Trash," a young woman encounters a youth who is still unaware that he had impregnated a camp employee many years earlier. And "Hack Wednesday" revolves around a disgruntled journalist brought, whimsically, to the brink of an affair before she backs off--not from any pangs of conscience but out of lethargic concern for the work involved in carrying it off. Like Alice Munro, Atwood has a talent for serving up the nuances of bourgeois Ontario culture, but with Atwood the ingredients are boiled down into a stronger and much more acerbic brew. The author's trademark smirk behind the economical prose can be wearying over the course of an entire collection, but taken separately, the pieces here are solid evidence of the author in full form. Pure Atwood.

Page for Margaret Atwood s short story collection Wilderness Tips tales Margaret Atwood deftly illuminates Wilderness Tips Excerpt, True Trash:.
n "Hack Wednesday," one of the most engaging stories in Margaret Atwood's third and withholds from Don a revelation that would make him seem a True Trash.
Page for Margaret Atwood's short story collection 'Wilderness Tips'. tales Margaret Atwood deftly illuminates Wilderness Tips Excerpt, True Trash:.
Margaret Atwood is best known for her An Appreciation of Margaret Atwood. Another Wilderness Tips story is "True Trash." None of Atwood's books.
Margaret Atwood is the author of and essays. Among her most The stories are superb beginning with "True Trash" which takes us to a summer camp and introduces.

I can tell she knows, it's like a smell, her knowledge; something gone sour, like old milk." Chapter 8 THMT

Using the books of Alias Grace, The Handmaids Tale, and the compilation of short stories in Wilderness Tips, Margaret Atwood has similar themes throughout her works; including how society can be toxic to women, demeaning and demoralizing to the lower classes, and is culturally obsessed with control shown through the ideological and social perceptions she has conjured based on previous experiences.

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