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Every culture has its own way of conducting marriage according to their traditions and customs.

In this marriage, the bride's father gives his consent under pressure, fear, or due to material, economic or financial consideration offered by the groom. For example, if a groom is from a rich family or a powerful family, likes a girl and wants to marry her by all means, whether she is inclined or not, he may take recourse to this method to win over her father and marry her. In the past kings, feudal lords, and rich merchants engaged in this type of marriage. Such marriages are currently rare, but they do take place. Hindu law books do not approve of this type of marriage, and declare it as demonic.

As the name suggests these marriages were popular among the commoners or the simple folk (praja) who could not afford the traditional, expensive marriages. In these marriages, which are similar to present day civil marriages, the bride and the groom would exchange garlands in the presence of friends and family as witnesses and declare themselves formally married. Such marriages are still popular among educated people and poor people who cannot afford expensive marriages or who think that traditional marriages are a waste of money.

Have you ever wondered where love disappears after marriage?Word Count: 2066 Approx Pages: 8 Save Essay View my Saved Essays Downloads: 38 Different cultures, different customs very different traditions.

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Overall, children of married parents are more likely to go to college, less likely to abuse alcohol or drugs, and less likely to engage in negative-delinquent behaviors, whether physical or sexual acts....

This paper will address some of the issues surrounding gay marriage.

In retrospect, much of the symbolisms attributed to these trends come from centuries of applied social significance; couples see the most value in a marriage celebration which allows them to flaunt their unique qualities as individuals while simultaneously modeling the long-standing customs of preceding weddings....

He actually claims that gay marriage is “unnecessary”(381).

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As well as the marriage between Elizabeth and Mr Darcy; Austen uses many other marriages within the novel to show and assist the reader in assessing her recommended ingredients for a lasting and happy marriage....

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This is a marriage through mutual consent, in which the father of the bride gives away his daughter in marriage to the bridegroom whom he formally approves. The marriages are conducted according to Vedic customs in the presence of elders on both sides. Currently most Hindu marriages in India are conducted in this manner. In the past, this was the preferred marriage for the Brahmanas.

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Before India became independent and the British formulated the legal system, Hindu marriages were governed by local customs and Hindu law books. The law books prescribed a strict code of conduct to regulate the institution of marriage and safeguard the interests of the couples engaged in marriage. The laws were mostly caste and gender specific and traditionally favored men rather than women. They recognized eight types of marriages. It is however unclear, how far people feared followed the law books. We may safely assume that the law books were enforced mostly in Vedic communities among the upper castes. Where the Vedic influence was weak, people probably followed the local customs. The eight types of traditional marriages recognized in Hindu law books are listed below. Of them, the first four considered lawful (prashasta) and the last four unlawful (aprahasta). Traditionally, the first two were popular among the higher castes and the last two among criminals and outcastes.

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The debate about same-sex marriage has become a hot button issue, which pits secular-progressives who support gay-rights against religious and social traditionalists fighting for the sanctity of marriage....