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Kaylah Tucker
Math Essay

Math can be very tricky for some people, easily making it their least favorite subject. For me, it's different. I have always loved math, even when it is challenging. For my essay, I will write about whether or not I consider myself good at math, my good and bad experiences in math, and what I hope to accomplish this year in math class.
Usually Math is the first homework I work on. I guess the reason I do that is because I love math and because I think I am a pretty decent math student. I usually I know what to do. I especially like doing Algebra because it is filled with proportions and multiplication. Those are my favorite areas in math. I guess I started loving math when I was in elementary school. I was great, and some students in my class were really good too, so there was always a little competition. We would always get multiplication sheets and I was always finishing them quickly, along with some of the other proficient math students. In a way, those kind of competitions were fantastic for me. I was motivated to do well on them. The students also pushed me to be great even if they didn't realize it.
When I got to middle school, the math got harder and I began to slack off a bit. I was frustrated because it wasn't as easy as it used to be, especially in seventh grade (my teacher at that time explained things and moved on to different areas very quickly, so I guess I couldn't really understand some of the topics). I have problems with probability and word problems (I still need a little help with those topics). Anyhow, I had an excellent teacher in 8th grade. She explained the topics at an understandable pace and I really did well in that class. The grade on my report card was much better, and I did very well on the state test. I was really proud of that.
What I hope to accomplish this year in math is that I continue to improve like I did in 8th grade. I know I will ask for help if I need it instead of acting like I know what I am doing (in seventh grade, that was a really big problem). Math was and still is my favorite subject. I hope I will have only good experiences in 9th grade!

Ever since i was in grade school math has been my favorite subject i think that it had to do with the challenges that it posed on me because i like to take on challenges. In this essay i will be describing my highs and lows with math over the past 9 years.

The highs of my math career is when i achieved the highest score i have ever gotten which was a 90. think that i received this grade because my motivation level was higher then ever before. i was excited to go to math and do work and participate. My math teacher also helped me become more motivated because she taught math in a way that i could relate to. This was in my 8th grade year of middle school, this was the year that i achieved the highest grades that i have ever scored in my whole math career.

Some of my lows points in math happened during 6th grade when i received a 50 as a finally grade in math this was an awful time in my life because i was disappointed in me and so was my mother. I believe that i wasn't used to the teaching curricular at my school therefore i tended to fall behind, but i decided to get a tutor to help me with my math struggles.

I think that i will have a good experiences in Algerbra 1 because i can now easily adapt to new learning style being as though i am older and know a lot more about math than i did in 6th grade.

I have always consider myself to be okay at math, but a flaw I have at math is that I rush through work and tests and due to that, I make careless mistakes.

A good experience I've had with math is just always doing well in math and getting good grades on tests. Another good experience is when I got a good grade on the SHSAT, but a bad experience is I didn't get a well enough grade to get into any specialized high schools.

Getting bad grades is always a bad experience because its a bad grade and i feel really bad that I didn't study hard enough or I slacked off.

I hope to get a better or same grade as I did last year in math. I would also like to accomplish getting into a class next year. I also want to break the habit of procrastinating and being lazy.

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For me, math is alright. I accept that I need to learn it, and I understand the fact that I will use it later on in life.

although I sometimes struggle with memorizing concepts, once I get the big idea I'm pretty good at math. It's honestly a matter of how much my teacher supports me, and how much time and effort I put into my work. I am aware that i really need to focus in this subject because I know that math doesn't come naturally for me.

A bad experience would have had to have been a big math project in 7th grade. I didn't really understand what to do or how I would even go about doing it, so I pretty much relied completely on my partner. Well, my partner decided that he didn't want to stick with me on the project anymore, so he left and went solo at the last minute. I was really stressed out because i knew i could never get a decent grade, and well, long story short... i was right.

In 8th grade, I decided that i needed to turn this around. I absolutely ADORED my teacher, and because of this I around it easy to talk to her and I stayed after school to go over the work so that I could make sure that I knew what was going on in class. Then, when a big test rolled around, I got a A+! I was so proud of myself because I knew I could do it, and I felt really good to know that I accomplished something.

My goal for this year would be to have a 95 and above average in this class, because I know that it is possible for it to be done.

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In this essay i will talk about if I'm good or bad at math and what have been my good and bad experiences with math and what do I want to accomplish this year in math.

I consider myself to be a good at math especially since math is one of my favorite subject. some reason that i'm good at math is that it doesn't take that long for me to understand the concept for each content i learned. but i have a hard time when it come to quizzes especially the explanation part.

My bad experiences with math is that in elementary school the teacher barely NEVER help me when i need the most help but after coming to School of the Future Chris the 7th grade math teacher help me so much that i was able to understand math more easily and started to like math as a subject as well after that.

What i want to accomplish this year is get good grades for the whole year and try not to get anger when i don't understand the question or the equation, getting into higher level math as well and getting good grades in test and quizzes.

And hope to have a great year in 9th grade :D


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In this small essay I will be going over why I wold consider myself good at math, my good and bad experiences with math and what I will try to accomplish this year in math. Over all this is a math autobiography.

I do say I am good at math because I don't use shortcuts until I fully understand a concept. Also I enjoy being challenged in math it is fun to me. last would be because I can apply math to my every day life and make use of it. I probably get a love of math from my mom because she was always good a it and helped me learn when I was young but not so much now.

My strength in math would have to be in riddles and applying math to my life to better understand a concept because making connections is easy for me and has always helped me learn. My weakness in math is I can be slow to understand how to do something but once I understand it I will never have another problem with it ever.

this year I hope to learn more about math and simply get smarter. also stay in the high 80% or above for my grades.

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In this piece of writing that is to be discovered by the math teacher, I will be being explaining the things that I am good at and that I'm just plain terrible at when it comes to math.
I honestly believe that math is one of strongest subjects. If you do not believe me then I think you should count the amount of paragraphs I have in here. I was a part of Math Club back in my middle school and, sure though everyone was smarter than me, I still got many questions right on the work page.
Good and bad experiences....let's see...well, I am rather good at things that involve percents and geometry and finding the value of X. Oh gosh, I hate them so. Fractions have never come as easily to me as the use of semicolons, but I can understand a little of it...very little.
Because I'm awesome, I plan on getting over a ninety-five--correction: will get over a ninety-five. Why go for the ninety or eighty-five+ when you can try and get up to one-hundred?
Anywhoodles; because I like being cool and since this is most definitely on the internet, I hope you've read this and enjoying it's casualness and humorousness.

My school experiece essay

In this essay I will explain my strengths and weaknesses in math. What my main goals for me in math is.

I consider my self as a good, not an excellent math student. The reason I say that is, because I have no problem with classwork, homework or projects. I have a good memory of learning equations and formulas in one day, so Im kinda of a fast learner. Im also pretty good with showing and explaining my work.

My weakness in math is studying and quizes, because I'm not a kid that likes to sit down for hours and study. Also that kinda effects me, because when it's time to take a quiz I kinda of panic and forget somethings. Close to the ending of the school year I just thought of quiz as in class homework and i started to get 80%+ on my quizes.

My goals this year as a math student is to study more often. Get at least 85%+ as my quiz grade and regular grade.