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is a that followsBenjamin Franklin Gates, a man whose family has a history ofsearching for a near-limitless treasure, one his father (and justabout everyone else) believes is a mystery. When he finallydiscovers a real clue, he must protect it, the treasure, and aprecious national document from his former partner.

Although the DVD commentary stated that there were no plans for a sequel, the film's box office gross of an unexpected $347.5 million worldwide warranted a second film, which was given the greenlight in 2005. National Treasure: Book of Secrets, on DVD known as National Treasure 2: Book of Secrets, was released on December 21, 2007.

Disney released versions of National Treasure and its sequel, National Treasure 2: Book of Secrets, on May 20, 2008.

"National Treasure": Freemasons, Fact, and Fiction

On June 11, 1753, the New York Mercury reported, "Last Week was raised and fix'd in the Statehouse Steeple, the new great Bell, cast here by Pass and Stow, weighing 2080 lbs."
Ottendorf Cipher
In the 2004 film National Treasure, an Ottendorf cipher is discovered on the back of the U.

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Although National Treasure reinforces masonic myths about the Great Seal (and highlights its association with money), the film itself is an entertaining manifestation of America's true national treasure, the creative genius of her people.

Yosemite National Park- The National Treasure

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The film’s plot unfolds conventionally, typical action-adventure holiday fare; I refer to it because it happens to embody several extremely timely positions vis-à-vis debates between formalist and historicist interpretation, and issues surrounding aesthetics, freedom, and American citizenship. The film simultaneously explores interconnected themes of good citizenship through correct interpretation, a materialist understanding of the meaning and trajectory of history, universalist notions of freedom, and good old-fashioned American individualism. And if it does so in a shamelessly celebratory fashion almost too ostentatious to be called ideological (that term connoting a certain degree of subtlety), I want to suggest that, whatever one thinks of its message, its understanding of the way interpretation functions at the heart of a proper understanding of history, text, and national identity sheds light on contemporary critical approaches to literature. These same problematic concepts predominated in debates over the Americanist literary canon of the 1840’s and ’50s, the literary period now called the American Renaissance. The film accomplishes this by deploying a text that for antebellum Americans had problematically become both national treasure and American scripture: the Declaration of Independence.

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Heartened, Ben engages in one final bit of ratiocination, deducing that the first clue found, an intricately carved pipe owned by a long-dead Freemason, is the final key to the puzzle—literally. The pipe fits into a cavity in the wall and unlocks the door to the actual treasure room.

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Crucial to this reading of National Treasure is the fact that Ben is not motivated by the allures of fame or fortune, but by patriotic zeal to [End Page 152] defend the treasure—and the Declaration—from the dastardly clutches of Howe. After he finds the treasure, he turns it over to Sadusky (Harvey Keitel), the federal agent who has followed him throughout in an attempt to recover the Declaration—and who is a Freemason. At this moment of Ben’s triumph and sacrifice, a stunning logic becomes explicit; secret societies that conspire to invisibly manipulate political power...

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capitalist interests have been less interested in acquiring more colonies than in acquiring more wealth, preferring to make off with the treasure of other nations without bothering to own and administer the nations themselves.

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The post-election, 2004 thanksgiving weekend offering from Disney and Jerry Bruckheimer, National Treasure, presents a complicated yet familiar storyline cast in decidedly uncomplicated, nationalistic terms. This Da-Vinci-Code-meets-Raiders-of-the-Lost-Ark affair features a high-stakes pursuit of treasure. In this patriotic version of the quest romance, that treasure is a millennia-old accumulation of monetary and cultural wealth, protected from time immemorial by the Knights Templar, the Freemasons, and the revolutionary founding fathers. Benjamin Franklin Gates (Nicholas Cage) is an historian whose family has sought the treasure for generations. His quest pits him against the diabolical—and notably British—Ian Howe (Sean Beane) as the two race through several eastern U.S. cities, following a seemingly endless set of clues based on historical events and found in some of the United States’ most treasured historical landmarks. The key to locating the treasure is, appropriately, an invisible map inscribed, improbably, on the back of the Declaration of Independence.