His theology shed a whole new light on the true meaning of Christ.

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"A stevedore on the San Francisco docks in the 1940s, Eric Hoffer wrote philosophical treatises in his spare time while living in the railroad yards. The True Believer -- the first and most famous of his books -- was made into a bestseller when President Eisenhower cited it during one of the earliest television press conferences. Completely relevant and essential for understanding the world today, The True Believer is a visionary, highly provocative look into the mind of the fanatic and a penetrating study of how an individual becomes one.

Having an awareness of your own personal theology will be important for how you go about teaching the students who are involved in your youth ministry.

Acclaimed translator and biblical scholar Dr. Joel M. Hoffman walks the reader through dozens of mistranslations, misconceptions, and other misunderstandings about the Bible. In forty short, straightforward chapters, he covers morality, life-style, theology, and biblical imagery, including:

Liberation theology rises out of a new political consciousness.

The chapter on Christology in occupies more than one third of all pages of the book, which gives the strong impression that Christology is central to Rahner’s theology.

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The last of Rahner’s brief statements deals with his Trinitarian theology. He says, “[The self-communication of God] already includes the mystery of the Trinity in the economy of salvation and of the immanent Trinity.” (, 12) Catherine M. LaCugna defines both terms in this helpful passage.

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Fiorenza, Francis S. 2000. “Chapter Seven: The New Theology and Transcendental Thomism.” In James C. Livingstone, et all. . Vol. II: .

From this line comes, the philosophy of Black liberation theology, which seeks to liberate people of color from multiple forms of political, social, economic, and religious subjugation by interpreting Christian theology as a...

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Karl Rahner is undoubtedly the most important Roman Catholic theologian in the twentieth century. His seminal position among his contemporaries results to some extent from his ability to put theology and philosophy into dialogue. His anthropological point of departure is also a convincing starting point for theology today, especially in the context of the modern-postmodern conflict over the nature of the self. Rahner is also adept at engaging the Catholic tradition, especially the Thomist tradition, although he would not have wanted to be labeled a traditionalist. As he said, “I consider myself a sincere and profound friend of St. Thomas. I do not, however, agree with those Thomists who are so locked into traditionalism that they can’t imagine that any progress can be made independently of traditional Thomism” (Rahner, Imhof & Biallowons 1991, 155).

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Lewis is remembered and recognized by more people as a Christian apologist of the early and middle 20th-century because of the way his writing thrives with biblical images which present Christian theological ideas in a friendlier way for younger audiences....

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Lewis was a man who believed in Jesus, the Trinity, and making it known through his actions and his words that changed Christianity and its theology as a whole.

Biography and introduction to the theology of Karl Rahner, by Phil LaFountain, followed by a short essay on Rahner's Christology, by JeeHo Kim.

Lewis and his Theology on Jesus ‘What are we to make of Christ?’ There is no question of what we can make of Him, it is entirely a question of what He intends to make of us.

Professor of Systematic Theology B.S. (Calvin College, 1970) B.D. Th.M. (Calvin Theological Seminary, 1973, 1977) Ph.D. (University of St. Michael’s College, 1982)

"The God Problem: How a Godless Cosmos Creates," by Howard Bloom. Prometheus Books; New edition (2016-FEB) Available in Kindle format for $7.45 and paperback for $14.28 and hardcover.

What is Biblical Theology? Definition and meaning:BIBLICAL THEOLOGY bib'-li-kal the-ol'-o-ji: $ I.

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