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Our aim is to encourage new thinking and debate about possible future scenarios that could fundamentally change health and care. The essays cover three themes: the NHS and society; medicine, data and technology; and how the NHS works.

In each essay, the author gives their informed but personal view of a possible future. We invite you to let us know what you think and join the debate by adding your comments below the essays or by tweeting using the hashtag #NHSif.

‘The NHS if’ is a collection of essays published by The King’s Fund that explores hypothetical scenarios and their impact on the future of health and care.

The runner-up essay in our competition considers the rewards for the NHS – and patients – if it changed its approach to risk.

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We challenged our readers to write an essay for ‘The NHS if’ series that would that would explore a future scenario for the NHS, considering the potential impact on the health system and wider society. Now, you can read the competition winner and runner-up.

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