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During the interview Barbara discussed the requirements for a public health nurse.

A public health plan to reduce epidemic incidence of influenza is aimed to reduce morbidity and mortality, provide continuity of operations and position the state for recovery if attacked by a novel influenza virus that causes large numbers of illnesses and deaths throughout New Jersey (NJ) (NJDHSS, 2008).

Traditionally, nursing was thought to entail cleaning patients, emptying their bedpans and keeping them comfortable and well looked after (Health issues and careers).

Pursuing a career as a Primary Health Care Nurse Practitioner has always been my driving goal throughout all my education and training since the age of seventeen.

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Based on that, Southeast Asian countries are seen as important part in formulating strategic and policy efforts to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of achieving the various goals of the SDGs. Therefore, the Public Health Faculty of Universitas Airlangga will hold an international symposium with the theme "Achieving SDGs in South East Asia: Challenging and Tackling of Tropical Health Problems".

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There are 17 indicative objectives with 169 indicative targets as well as about 300 indicators in 2030 sustainable development objectives. The health sector position is one of the key components in achieving the indicators. The objective of SDGs’ health aspect is 4 with 19 indicative targets. Special attention to the health sector focuses on community nutrition, national health systems, access to reproductive health and family planning and sanitation and clean water.

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Nurses try to help their patients protect their health and cope with changes in their mental and physical abilities, so older people can stay independent and active as long as possible....

How can public health assessments be used to form public policy....

Researchers at the non-governmental watchdog organization said “laws that criminalize the possession and distribution of sterile syringe programs in the state have contributed to an "extremely high AIDS death rate" which is more than double the national average.” These laws also deter the right to public health....

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Participating in national meetings focused on strategies to reduce maternal mortality in Ghana, I recognized that, in order to create sustainable advances, it is crucial to address the underlying social inequalities that exacerbate adverse health outcomes.

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Public health is an art and a science mandated with the responsibility of preventing disease thereby prolonging life of an individual and promotion of the health through different health organizations, societies, public, and private (Aginam, 2005).

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However, with these positive aspects of human sexuality, there are also several illness and unintended consequences that can severely affect our sexual health.

It is crucial to comprehend the functions of the public health which have been ..

Katharine Kolcaba’s theory touches on the external and internal processes that culminate in the patient perception of comfort lead to an integrated approach to health care....

The author ascertained the need to ameliorate the public health nursing skills and knowledge of the BSN studying at the Western Kentucky University.

With the incidence rate for the Human Papillomavirus (HPV) on the rise, it is important to address the public health concerns that are associated with disease....