A collection of Lives columns from The New York Times.

A collection of science essays from The New York Times.

In the New York Post, columnist Michael Goodwin: “The Gray Lady feels the agony of political defeat — in her reputation and in her wallet.

Her assessment of the paper’s coverage is a one-eighty from that of Times’s publisher, Arthur O. Sulzberger Jr., : “We believe we reported on both candidates fairly … “

“After taking a beating almost as brutal as Hillary Clinton’s, The New York Times on Friday made an extraordinary appeal to its readers to stand by her. The publisher’s letter to subscribers was part apology and part defense of its campaign coverage, but the key takeaway was a pledge to do better. …

A collection of Lives columns from The New York Times.

“But bad or sloppy journalism doesn’t fully capture The Times sins. Not after it announced that it was breaking its rules of coverage because Trump didn’t deserve fairness.

(The NY Times Company, 2010, pp.

The brutality and repetitiveness of this discursive violence has a way of inflicting injury. Given the history of the term “nigger,” it strikes with the long, hate-filled context of violence out of which that term grew. This points to the non-spectacular expression of violence. The lynching of black people was designed to be a spectacle, to draw white mobs. In this case, the black body was publicly violated. It was a public and communal form of bloodlust. There are many other forms of violence that are far more subtle, non-spectacular, but yet painful and dehumanizing. So, when I was called a “nigger,” I was subject to that. I felt violated, injured; a part of me felt broken.

A collection of Lives columns from The New York Times.

The New York Times was the primary source wartime newspaper.

The city's approach to disease control is unlike that of any other city in the nation and has been met with much criticism and fear for the lives of New Yorkers.

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On nearly every block in New York a pedestrian will walk past at least one Cultural establishment, whether is be a restaurant, clothing store, or foundation for the betterment of a certain culture.

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The founders decided that The Bank of New York wasn’t going to be a common institution that capitalized on land; it focused on specie, which is money in coins.

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Wallace (New York Times, July 14, 1853) When the first major international exhibition of arts and industries was held in London in 1851, the London Crystal Palace epitomized the achievements of the entire world at a time when progress was racing forward at a speed never before known to mankind....

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5.--It has been almost one full month since the first cases of Spanish influenza--merchant mariners, shipped into New York Harbor--arrived in the city.

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The bay also serves as an environmental refugee habitat for migratory bird, shell fish, and other wild life Although New York City has cleaned up the surrounding waters of New York in the past several decades, including the Jamaica Bay, there is still some concerning problems for the bay’s environment....

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This body of work was all photographed by just one man named Brandon Stanton who has walked hundreds of miles around New York every single day to stumble across all these people to photograph and to ask them questions such as...

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On any given street you are likely to find a Chinese restaurant or maybe even a halal cart, as a New Yorker, these things are expected, and even taken for granted.