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Therefore this essay will be informative on how surface learning for first year students are more effective and efficient in their studies, while they can later on develop deep learning or other more useful learning tools to be successful in the long term for university studies.

Learning theories that were address, applied, and by the instructor wanted us to use were Skinner’s Operant Conditioning, Bandura’s Social Cognitive Theory, and Observational Learning....

is a process in which learning occurs through observing and imitating others. Albert Bandura's suggests that in addition to learning through conditioning, people also learn through observing and imitating the actions of others. As demonstrated in his classic "" experiments, people will imitate the actions of others without direct reinforcement. Four important elements are essential for effective observational learning: attention, motor skills, motivation, and memory.

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The paper then discusses how observational learning may be used to teach positive attitudes and effective thinking skills, also achieved through vicarious learning....

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And it is incorporated with learning strategies and different approaches of teaching Burned (1989) Kolb explains four phases in the process of experiential learning, Experience, reflexive observation, analysis and active implementations Kolb (1984) Bandura explain learning is an experience which is learnt by watching other people and then doing it which then provide a learner an image and the desire...

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Describe in detail how a young child’s fine motor skills are developed—making sure to include the theory of motor-skill learning that best fits this situation.
Explain whether any motor tasks or skills can be accomplished via observational learning. Justify your response.
Now, consider a situation in which a young child (3–4 years old) is developmentally delayed in fine motor skill development. Create a strategy which would help the child strengthen his or her fine motor skills.
You can find a number of activities online which purport to help develop these skills. From a theoretical viewpoint, be sure to explain how these activities will aid a child’s fine motor skill development. Make sure that you reference at least one peer-reviewed article in addition to any Web sites you find and describe these activities as part of your development strategy.

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Fine motor skills milestones
Child development milestones
Using the module readings, the online library resources, and the Internet, research observational and motor learning and activities that can be used to help develop motor skills. Then, address the following:

Learn About Language Definitions and Observations

• Select an example of observational learning to use for this Discussion. It may be one that you experienced personally or one experienced by someone you know well and can provide you with

Observational learning is an important area in the field of psychology and behavior science more generally

Cognitive Theory.” In addition to Bandura’s work, psychologists, Neal Miller and John Dollard developed a theory of observational learning, called the Miller-Dollard Reinforcement Theory.

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considered to be a type of social cognitive theory, your text explains social cognitive theory as a theory of observational learning and it labels Bandura’s work in the area as “Bandura’s Social

Observational learning is learning by acquiring skills by observing others actions

observation, encoding, and replication. Sometimes the terms social cognitive theory and observational learning are used interchangeably. While it is more typical that observational learning is

This essay discusses observational learning, which is a learning theory based on the work of Albert Bandura. #

mental expectation that you can also perform that behavior, before you actually try to do so. Observational learning suggests that learning involves mental processes such as expectation,