Webster’s Dictionary describes love as being a strong affection (“Love”).

What pleasure is there in that.

In my point of view, without love I may lose my ability to survive in this world with no hope.

I understand that this concept is very hard to grasp for contemporary people who grew up in the society were individualism and egoism is appreciated. Most of us are not ready to accepting the concept of caring more for the other person than for himself/herself. I think it is the contemporary image of love created by the society and the media that doesn’t allow people to have a happy and fulfilling relationship.

Vincent Millay is able to approach love in a way that initially seems extremely pessimistic and almost cold, but continues on to show the reader that she is not actually all that closed and even reveals some vulnerability by the very end.

Throughout the book he uses real life scenarios in couples to help them examine what their primary love language is through various acts and experiments.

Bob Marley wrote and sang about love just like hundreds of people before him.

Greek and Roman mythology are based on themes that depict human nature which can be true or fictitious; myths, in a sense, are the "highest reality." Most stories of the myth have its root in love and sex....

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Descriptive statistics do not require one to have the statistical software or the statistical knowledge to describe the basic features of the data, but more often than not, descriptive statistics can be very powerful and persuasive when used appropriately.

Is that what love is actually about.

The entertainment culture portrays love as being all about sex and infatuation.

Everyone loves movies and the motion picture industry does everything in its power to produce movies that will bring in millions of dollars in profits.

These emotions carry a direct relationship; love leads to pain.

The word critical is defined as “involving skillful judgment as to truth, merit, etc… a critical analysis/ of or pertaining to critics or criticism: critical essays.” (Dictionary, 2013).

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In the essay “Nigger: the meaning of a word” Gloria Naylor discusses the essence of a word and how it can mean different things to different people in a myriad of situations.

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Viewed within the framework of present day social constructionist theory or simply post- theory, the current essay Close but not Deep: Literary Ethics and the Descriptive Turn show how both Critical Hermeneutics and Descriptive Sociology disavow Traditional Humanist categories....

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Eventually, they become good friends and fall in love with each other but Edward knows the further they progress in their relationship the more he is putting Bella and those close to her at risk.

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The same woman then spoke to men who had already crossed the bridge. Finally, the calls have been evaluated. It was reported that significantly more men were unstable as they walked over the bridge than those that have been phoned after a subsequent period of rest. The researchers assumed that the men felt excitement as they were crossing the rickety bridge and they this fear interpreted as love.

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The feeling of being in love can be associated with misattribution. 1974 led Donald Dutton and Arthur Aron conducted an experiment in this regard: an attractive woman was positioned on a swaying footbridge. She addressed to men who crossed the bridge. She asked the volunteers to help her with a research paper and gave them her home phone number with the note, the subjects they could call if they still had a question.