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Dogs are not always aggressive how they are raised and trained determines the behavior of a dog.

One of the most heavily abused dogs from the case - - went home in February 2012, and went home just a few weeks later and started enjoying plays sessions with now-adopted , from the same case. was adopted and went on to become a therapy dog. So did , who later died of a seizure disorder in winter 2011. and both inspired their adopters to start rescue groups. Jasmine also graces the cover of The Lost Dogs. She died after being struck by a car in the summer of 2009. was highlighted in Sports Illustrated with her adopter. was adopted to a new family from Best Friends Animal Sanctuary. has a new family as well as her own facebook page.

Frodo doesn't wear any fancy titles, but he's probably one of the most accomplished Vick dogs of all, considering how shut down he was when we first met him in Virginia. He was once so timid that he couldn't look his caretakers in the eye, much less take treats out of their hands but he has since blossomed into a cheerful dog who prods his favorite humans for attention. He lives with a sister dog in Fremont, CA and loves all the dog favorite staples: Going for rides in the car, doing fast zoomies in his yard, sneaking up on the bed for cuddles with his adopter, Kim Ramirez.

Contrary to tasteless jokes and public opinion, it is not the breed of dog that makes a dog dangerous, rather it is the owner of a dog that makes dogs dangerous.

All these hybrid breeds are so successful because of how the dogs DNA is formed.

Service dogs for PTSD and other mental health problems are a topic of keen interest, and the study was mandated by Congress in 2010. VA launched a pilot the next year, but the study was halted after two service dogs bit children in Veterans' homes. Further problems with the health and training of some of the dogs led to a second suspension of the study in 2012.

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Receiving a $1,000 Guide Dogs for the Blind Puppy Raising Youth Scholarship, a $500 award in the Outstanding Essay category, and a $500 award in the Outstanding Creative category is of Roseburg, Oregon who has been raising puppies for Guide Dogs for Blind since she moved to Oregon four years ago.

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I had freedom, but also responsibility, and it felt good to be part of something like that even for a short time to get a feel for the professional world.

I think I have found a piece of myself through Guide Dogs for the Blind that I was not sure existed.

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Zippy first made herself famous in this photo, surrounded by kids in her home. Pre-teens Eliana and Vanessa helped mom take care of Zippy at the time in addition to new arrival baby Francisco. Since then, new sibling Tatiana arrived on the scene and the family grew yet again. What a busy household! She loves every bit of the commotion and fun that the kids bring to the home. Zippy also earned fame by peeing on the shoes of 'Lost Dogs' author Jim Gorant when he want to the house to meet the energetic girl for his book, . And later, when she entertained Washington Post editor Carol Guzy during a now famous series of .

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With his clownish personality, Jonny has shown up in numerous news pieces and photo essays over the years, including the , how 'The Dogs Are Alright,' the , Carol Guzy's WA Post , the Associated Press , Melissa McDaniel's series (right), and even the cover of . His adopters Cris Cohen and Jennifer Long described his recovery in detail in Jim Gorant's book , and have always made sure he has a new trick to show off for the cameras during his appearances.

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Originally shy and timid when he arrived from Virginia, Uba continues to blossom thanks to adopter Letti de Little who constantly reminds him that Life is good now. He was first photographed in the New York Time along with an unfortunate headline: ',' a media bias that quickly faded when his at-home photos finally surfaced. Uba was introduced to the world through photos of him napping with his cats and sister dog Lulu in a photo spread published by the . The made good use of similar images in a favorite early article. He has since graced numerous news stories, photo essays and television reports with news and updates of his recovery, including this Show 'The Dogs Are Alright.' He's a regular contributor to the .

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Hector wore his past on his sleeve in the form of terrible scarring, but despite this evidence of obvious abuse, he was one of the most well-adjusted dogs from the case. He was friendly and comfortable with all people and dogs from the moment we met him and was greeting the press and its prying cameras with his classic laissez faire attitude just a few short weeks after his rescue, starting with this landmark news story in the . (Right: Hector was photographed for Melissa McDaniel's series.)