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By the end of the day, Walton had spent more than twenty million dollars on art. She had also prevailed at the Will Rogers Coliseum, placing sixty-second out of three hundred and seventy-four entrants, which allowed her to advance to the next round. Indeed, she made it all the way to the finals, which took place on December 10th. Walton came in nineteenth out of twenty riders—not a spectacular result but one that came with a prize of nearly thirteen thousand dollars.

This was only the second funeral they had been to as a married couple. Pierre’s father was dead, and Meriel’s mother was dead, but these deaths had happened before Pierre and Meriel met. Last year, a teacher at Pierre’s school died suddenly, and there was a fine service, with the schoolboy choir and the sixteenth-century words for the Burial of the Dead. The man had been in his mid-sixties, and his death seemed to Meriel and Pierre only a little surprising and hardly sad. It did not make much difference, as they saw it, whether you died at sixty-five or seventy-five or eighty-five.

Writings of three 19th-century African-American women are offered through this site. It features scanned images and transcriptions of an 85-page memoir by Elizabeth Johnson Harris (1867–1923), a Georgia women whose parents had been slaves; a 565-word letter written in 1857 by a North Carolinian slave named Vilet Lester; and four letters written between 1837 and 1838 by Hannah Valentine and Lethe Jackson, slaves on a Virginia plantation. The documents are accompanied by three background essays, six photographs, a bibliography of seven titles on American slave women, and eight links to additional resources. Documents offer insight into the lives of women living under slavery and during its aftermath in the South.

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Having had relatively little formal art training, Hassam was advised by his friend (and fellow Boston Art Club member) to take a with him to Europe during the summer of 1883. Hassam and Garrett traveled throughout Great Britain, The Netherlands, France, Italy, Switzerland and Spain, studying the old masters together and creating watercolors of the European countryside. He was particularly impressed with the watercolors of . Sixty-seven of the watercolors Hassam did on his trip formed the basis of his second exhibition in 1884. Hassam married Kathleen Doan after his return.

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During the span of sixty-one measures, Varèse exploits the flute’s full range of sound and color and almost every pitch on the instrument is realized....


Barbara Shoup is the author of six novels and her short fiction, poetry, essays and interviews have appeared in numerous magazines.

This website offers access to more than 2,500 hours of White House recordings of six American presidents between 1940 and 1973: Franklin Roosevelt (8 hours), Harry Truman (10 hours), Dwight Eisenhower (4.5 hours), John Kennedy (260 hours), Lyndon Johnson (550 hours), and Richard Nixon (2,019 hours). A brief introduction to each set of recordings is provided and edited transcriptions of the Kennedy tapes are available. "From the Headlines" relates current events to the recordings. Eight exhibits with short scholarly essays utilizing clips from the presidential recordings feature such topics as the civil rights movement, the Vietnam War, Johnson's "War on Poverty," and the Space Race. Additionally, the site presents 16 pre-selected multimedia clips that include recordings of Kennedy discussing withdrawing from Vietnam, Johnson talking to McNamara about leaks, Johnson discussing women in politics, and Nixon discussing Mark Felt during the Watergate cover up. An outstanding resource for researching the administrations of these presidents.

Society's Betrayal of the Child and Pictures of a Childhood.

This hybrid program includes in-class instruction, online instruction and 160 clinical hours. This course is designed to provide the health care worker with information on the duties and responsibilities of a pharmacy technician in a variety of health care settings through lecture and on-site clinical experience. Topics will include universal precautions, computer
applications, aseptic techniques, drug pharmacology, patient education and interpersonal relationships. One hundred sixty (160) hours of clinical practice is required for certification. Students will be eligible to take the Maryland Pharmacy Technician Certification Exam and/or the National Pharmacy Technician Certification Board (PTCE) Exam Prerequisite: Prior to clinical a negative TB test must be provided. Students must take and successfully pass the math placement test. Pick up a Placement Test Referral Form from the Continuing Education Registration Desk in Bladen Hall, Room 126. Text required. Note: Students must also register for HES-529and HES-530 courses. 30 sessions

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Offers more than 400 selected documents and photographs organized into broad topics, from the decision to drop the atomic bomb to the Marshall Plan, from the 1948 Presidential campaign to the Korean War. Each study collection includes a chronology, diary entries, official documents, and related items. Sixty teaching units, lesson plans, and classroom activities include 24 elementary school projects, 21 middle school activities, and 22 plans for high school students. Teachers can also create their own interactive Internet lessons for students tailored to grade level and specific themes. Study collections are searchable by keyword, collection folder, catalog records, or historical timeline.

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This online companion to The Rise and Fall of Jim Crow, a four-part television series, tells the story of the African American struggle for freedom during the era of segregation. The site offers six historical essays and five themed essays focusing on creating, surviving, resisting, escaping, and transcending Jim Crow oppression from the late-19th-century to the Civil Rights movement. There are shorter essays on topics such as Jackie Robinson and the lynching of Emmett Till and 10 interactive maps. The site offers more than 25 lesson plans, an interactive encyclopedia, historical photographs, and first-hand narratives.

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Phil Dwyer’s asthmatic childhood contributed to a deep love of reading, an encyclopaedic knowledge of sixties British pop, and a healthy distrust for the curvature of normal lives. He was a journalist for 20 years in the UK. He moved to Canada in 2002 to work on a research project with Don Tapscott and Anthony D. Williams that spawned Tapscott’s The Naked Corporation. Dwyer is an alumni of the Humber School for Writers and has also studied writing at the Banff Centre for the Arts and the University of Toronto’s School of Continuing Studies. He has workshopped his writing with Alissa York and Charlotte Gill. His creative writing and journalism have been published in a number of publications, including The Financial Times and the Times of London, and Canada’s Globe and Mail. Dwyer is the author of (Dundurn, 2016). His website is .