Blood brothers is a musical set in the 1970’s.

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What comments might Russell be making about his twins You should write about · Mrs Johnstone and Mrs Lyons · Edward and Mickey · The Policeman · The Narrator This essay is about the play Blood Brothers by Willy Russell.

In this essay, I will examine how Willy Russell demonstrates class differences in his play 'Blood Brothers.' I will be looking at the differences between Mrs Lyons and Mrs Johnson....

In essence it is a play about two twin brothers separated at birth; one given a rich upbringing, the other a poor, who eventually learn of their separation to tragic consequences.

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This is Blood Brothers in a nutshell; a musical which tears through the walls of social ethics exposing the obvious truth, injustice and social inequalities roam our Country and the devices which Russell uses brings this to the audience in a mixture of speech, song and show....

“Blood Brothers” is set in Liverpool in the early eighties.

In the three plays I will be comparing and contrasting Mrs Lyons and Mrs Johnston from blood brothers, Rita from Educating Rita and Shirley from Shirley Valentine.

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Seven years later they meet up and perform a blood brothers ritual.

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Willy Russell has wrote plays based in Liverpool because this is where he was brought up as a kid in a working class family, Blood Brothers relates to this and aspects of class that he would have experienced when he lived there.

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Nurture in Blood Brothers As the play goes on, it becomes more and more apparent that Willie Russell believes that nurture has a lot more to do with the outcome of someone that nature.

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With particular references to two main characters, show how the way they change and develop during the course of the play demonstrates Russell's attitudes to power and opportunity in society "Blood Brothers" is set in Liverpool in the early eighties.

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Blood Brothers looks at the differences and conflicts of their upbringings, their relationships with each other and with their real and adopted mothers....

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For example, a prince might be defined by his "royal blood," or a weak man described as having "thin blood." Close friends may be "blood brothers," or families may have a "blood feud." In William Faulkner's Light in August, the image of blood permeates the themes of sexuality, race, and religion....