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Congratulations to Viet Thanh Nguyen and all of the other 2016 Pulitzer Prize winners.

There is still much that cannot be predicted about winning the Pulitzer Prize and lots of other factors that cannot be quantified as variables that certainly contribute to the award process.

(And, I would note, I think the TOB is a fun exercise and I follow it each year.)

The first point to be made is to recognize that in the 11 years it has existed (2005-2015, not counting this year, obviously, since the Pulitzer hasn't been awarded), the TOB winner has won the Pulitzer Prize four times (OSCAR WAO, GOON SQUAD, ORPHAN MASTER'S SON, plus 2007 THE ROAD by Cormac McCarthy).

We don't always agree with the Board's selection (or lack thereof!), but we're nevertheless grateful and look forward to the discussions that are generated by the Pulitzer Prize awards.

Good luck with this year's process, if the discussion thread is any indication, this will be a good year with a difficult decision to be made!

We definitely follow the announcement through all of the media options and appreciate that.

Based on the past, winning the NBA also makes winning the Pulitzer less likely.

Not that there's anything wrong with that, I've enjoyed many Pulitzer winners, but when you're writing essays on why Gertrude Stein is one of the greatest stylists of all time, it's easy to see why most Pulitzer prize winners are not to your liking.

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Gass asserts that the Pulitzer aims to award the best novel of the previous year, but really all the fine text on the award's website says is it goes to "distinguished fiction." And of course, when you're viewing things in retrospect, it seems the novels that have survived were always going to survive, but in the moment, its a crapshoot, and I'd argue that a fair amount of the time the prize has gone to well deserving winners.

However, the prize definitely has problems that go beyond aesthetics preferences (as does any prize).

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Also, it means B&N has a warehouse of first printings of Pulitzer prize winners they can throw on the market at any time.

Having read them all, I do think the choices that have been made regarding Pulitzer Prize winning books and collections have been good ones -- more or less (for example: I wouldn't have gone with The Store or Advise and Consent as winners.

?' after reviewing the Pulitzer Prize-winning biography ..

As I previously said, the awarding of "stars" from both publications can be strange, inconsistent and arbitrary, but I did notice something (unless my very, very quick searching failed me): over the past dozen or so years, no Pulitzer winner has failed to get a star from *both*.

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(Does anyone else do this?) It's something one encounters more in fiction of late; in fact, clumsy grammar can even be found in Pulitzer Prize-winning novels and stories.

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As jfieds said below: "Based on the past, winning the NBA also makes winning the Pulitzer less likely." If that is a valid consideration, it actually increases the chance that the winner may well be "A Little Life".

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Essentially, winning the Pulitzer more than once is very rare, so once you've won it, having done so counts against you for future wins, and, apparently, not many people who are one-time finalists actually go on to win for another book.

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As I've read all of the Pulitzer Prize winners in the fiction category, perhaps I should now read those books that the juries over the years recommended for the prize, but that, for one reason or another, the board rejected.

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Anyway, given the praises it will probably end in a good bunch of best of the year lists.

And frankly i thought americans overcame their obsession with France.

And just talking about Pulitzer's that are not about american way of life, All the light we can not see must be the Pulitzer winner with better sales in Spain ever.

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Thank you, ey814.

When I began reading the Pulitzer-winners in Fiction, more often than not I would read each new winner as it was bestowed the prize.