Gangsta Rap Artists and Violent/Misogynist (V/M) Lyrics

The modern gangsta rap has evolved to provide the urban street life through violence and crime.

Although the police targeted Too Much Trouble (), they mistakenly shotand killed a "bitch." Other songs by Too Much Trouble have women dyingin defense of personal possessions () and their employers' property(). During another robbery, one "old bitch got her neck broke"(). MC Ren () shoots a woman who set him up to be robbed. In "ToKill A Hooker," N.W.A () drag a streetwalker into a car and kill herbecause she demanded money in exchange for sex. Women are also murdered forchoosing the wrong companion (), becoming nosy(),and for remaining silent. Ice Cube () fed a girl to the wolves because the"little ho had no words." Three other personal traits stimulateviolent and misogynist lyrics. N.W.A's () Eazy-E tied to kill a "fatgirl" with an elephant gun. When that didn't work, he "grabbed aharpoon" and left the woman on the avenue "like a beached whale."MC Ren () mulls over shooting and burying a "bitch" whose"pussy really stinks" and who has "crabs on her pussy." In"Bald Headed Hoes," Willie D () proposes "a bill on CapitolHill to kill all bald-headed women at will." Rappers plan murders to payback women who, in their opinion, did something wrong. Transgressions includetelling a lie (), failing to make bail (), transmittinga venereal disease (; ), calling the cops (), and cheating. N.W.A's() surprise discovery of a cheating matepropel them to dump the unfaithful partner, now wearing cement shoes, into ariver. Willie D () and the Geto Boys () also kill cheaters.

In the mid 1980's, the music industry was shaken up with the birth of gangster rap. Artists such as Schoolly D and N.W.A produced hits such as "PSK What Does It Mean" and "Fuck Tha Police." This new music genre portrayed images of gangs, guns, violence, and sexism, yet it was well received and became very popular in the span of just a few years. By the early 1990's, gangster rap had a home at the top of the charts. Some of the artists responsible for this were Dr. Dre and Eazy-E, both former members of N.W.A., Snoop Doggy Dogg, Tupac Shakur, and Ice-T. While each of these rappers showcased a unique style, the underlying messages in their work depicted acts of violence, discrimination, and sex in a way that made them appear commonplace and acceptable, when in fact they are not. The nature of gangster rap influenced society in a negative fashion, yet there was nothing that could legally be done to stop this. Today, gangster rap still tends to send negative messages to its listeners, but there are individualized efforts taking place that will help the problem.

N.W.A. got the ball of gangster rap rolling with the production of "Fuck The Police" in 1988, from their album Lyrics from this track expressed hatred and violence towards police officers and implied that they were all racists. An introduction to the song reads:

He said some rap artists like Ms Dynamite and other bands sang out against violence and drug culture.

Tatum argues in her article “The Link Between Rap Music and Youth Crime and Violence” that the effects of rap music are basically unknown and extensive research must be conducted before causal assumptions are made....

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According to Brandt, and Viki rap music and hip- hop music are known for fomenting crime violence, and the continuing formation of negative perceptions revolving around the African-American race (p.362).

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The trend of school violence began a few years ago and then rapidly increased in almost in a copycat pattern....

Many commentators challenge the notion that gangsta rap music has violentand misogynist lyrical content. For Wahl () gangsta rap music offers only a"seeming" glorification of violence and misogyny. Kitwana () callscritics of gangsta rap music "uninformed" and suggests that theyshould listen to the music. Rose () finds that opponents of gangsta rapmusic operate out of genuine ignorance when they give their shallow readings ofgangsta rap music's violent and misogynist lyrics. Gladney () claims thatcritics fail to analyze the lyrics critically and intellectually. Dyson ()sees negative appraisals of gangsta rap music as rooted in a shallowunderstanding of rap which results from an unwillingness to listen to thelyrics. During one conference, rappers and their fans criticized notedpsychiatrist Dr. Alvin Poussaint, claiming that he disparaged rap without havinglistened to it (). Keyes () concludes that gangsta rap music'scritics cannot "decode" its language. Potter () and Yancy()hold that criticisms of gangsta rap music's violent and misogynist lyricsunfairly remove the lyrics from their "context." According to Rosenand Marks (), gangsta rap music's violent and misogynist lyrics are "parodicsignifying." The lyrics are humorous poetic contrivances. [End page 108]

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. 1995. "The Immediate Effects ofHomicidal, Suicidal, and Nonviolent Heavy Metal and Rap Songs on the Mood ofCollege Students." 27:2 (December): 148-68.

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The question, "Does rap music contribute to violent crime?," isthe subject of scholarly debate (see, for example, versus). Research confirms that listening to gangsta rap music motivatessexual aggression (; ; ) and inappropriate behavior (). Wester, Crown, Quatman, and Heesacker () foundthat gangsta rap music lyrics significantly increased men's adversarial sexualbeliefs. Other studies, however, fail to find any causal link between rap lyriccontent and behavior problems (; ). Likewise, the hypothesis that rap lyrics cause either anxiety or suicidalideation has been experimentally rejected (). Attempts tolink rap and violence are critically categorized as part of the so-called"danger to society frame" that allegedly emphasizes that rap createslegions of misogynist listeners who are a danger to women ().

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The hegemonic dimension of gangsta rap music's narratives is immediateevidence of a rape culture (). In fact, gangstarap music is a "celebration" of rape culture and its most powerfulcontemporary voice (). A rape culture is a complex of beliefssupporting a continuum of threatened violence against women that ranges fromsexual remarks to rape itself. It is a "generic culture," part of thesocial construction of gender, how individuals "do gender" (). When members of the National Political Congress of Black Womenstaged a protest outside a store selling gangsta rap music, one of the marcherscarried a sign with the slogan, "Gangsta Rap Is Rape" ().Minimally, gangsta rap music's typifications of violent and misogynist lyricsare rather dramatic examples of what Dworkin () terms the male use oflanguage as violence. Desconstructing gangsta rap music's violent and misogynistlyrics, the symbolic working toward the denigration of women, enables itsreevaluation.

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The negative influence and morality issues stretch beyond the scope of gangster rap. Taking into consideration the messages of sex and violence present in gangster rap, similar topics can be observed in books, television, movies, and even video games. The difference between shooting cops on a video screen and listening to it on a CD is not significant. You can hear about sex on a gangster rap album, but you can see the actions at the movie theater. You can hear about lies and deceit in music, but you can watch it in your on home on television. The First Amendment protects those involved in all of these situations. However, there exists no law that requires everyone to be exposed.