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Of course, the role of reading and writing is not restricted to helping people to communicate. To be useful to himself and to his society, man should be able to read and write. But what I want to stress is that reading and writing is a NEED not just a peripheral. This fact is time independent.

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Children should be encouraged to read from a very young age, as the ability to read allows them to access information, develop into fluent speakers and allows them to be creative writers.

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Today we have many categories of book collecting- Fancy bindings, Religious books, Philosophy books, Mystery books, Modern 1st editions, Leather bound books, Textbooks, Early readers, Archaeology books, Art books, Children's books and numberless others.

students practice reading and writing in these exercises.

The reading, focusing on high interest social questions, appear on the left-hand page of each unit.

The facing page contains opinion exercises and discussion questions, plus model expressions to help even high-beginning level students participate.

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Students have been attending the ‘Fun Reading Programme, ‘Reading & Writing Skills Improvement Workshops’ and encouraged to participate in writing competitions.

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We are pleased to introduce our new Year 4 Essay Writing course. Designed by experienced teachers, the resources cover all aspects of literacy and build on your child’s creative writing skills. Each booklet is structured into a reading comprehension, followed by explanations and practice exercises in grammar, spelling and punctuation. By drawing on some of the best-loved and most renowned children’s literature, the comprehension aims to bring to life the world of reading while developing analytical skills and vocabulary. This inspiration carries through to the story-writing task, where titles spark imagination and detailed feedback is given to help each individual improve week by week. Meanwhile, the literacy exercises are crafted to be clear, yet challenging. As the material increases gradually in difficulty, a practical toolkit is developed over time to boost children’s confidence in the English language. In this way, pupils are supported in their current English studies. Beyond that, children who take this course will be better equipped to meet the demands of the 11+ and to excel in future education. We hope you will join us!

Composing Egypt: Reading, Writing, and the Emergence of a Modern Nation, 1870-1930 Hoda A. Yousef

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