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In the passage The White Heron by Sarah Orne Jewett the little girl climb a magnificent tree.

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"The Old Town of Berwick” is Sarah Orne Jewett’s history of her hometown, South Berwick, Maine, with an emphasis on the years before 1814 when the name Berwick applied to present-day Berwick, South Berwick and North Berwick. The essay was published in 1894 in New England Magazine with the illustrations that appear here. We are grateful to Terry Heller of Coe College for typesetting this document. Further notes on this essay are at the

by Sarah Orne Jewett

“The Packet Boat” is the second chapter of Betty Leicester: A Story for Girls, 1890. This text is presented with the assistance of Terry Heller of Coe College. His annotated text, with original illustrations, can be read at the website. Also incorporated into this text are illustrations by Beatrice Stevens, done for the 1929 Houghton Mifflin reprinting of Betty Leicester. These illustrations are available courtesy of the Iowa State University Library. Beatrice Stevens (1876-1947) was a painter and popular illustrator. The University of Connecticut Library Newsletter for November/December 2000 offers this information about her. She lived most of her life in Pomfret, Connecticut. "There she built a house and studio that quickly became a center of intellectual and artistic activity in this small but vigorous cultural community. She was an unforgettable character around town, often dressing in Grecian-style gowns while feeding the birds. She was a popular illustrator of books and, for 34 years, produced the annual Pomfret nativity play."

This chapter opens in the town of Riverport, based on Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Only 15 years old and traveling alone, Betty Leicester must make her way to her relatives in Tideshead, modeled after Jewett’s hometown of South Berwick, Maine, ten miles up the Piscataqua-Salmon Falls River. The packet boat, a regular conveyance for cargo and passengers, appears to be the region’s indigenous river craft also known as a gundalow.

"Failure and Regeneration in the New England of Sarah Orne Jewett and Mary E.

The people and places of South Berwick, Maine, Sarah Orne Jewett's home town, clearly inspired much of her fiction. Below is a selection of Jewett's stories and essays through which South Berwick's past clearly echoes.

"Women in the Fiction of Sarah Orne Jewett." 1983.

by Sarah Orne Jewett

This text is presented with the assistance of Terry Heller, Coe College, who writes, “’The Stage Tavern’ appeared in Youth's Companion (74:184-5), April 12, 1900, where it was illustrated by an unidentified artist. Richard Cary included the story in Uncollected Stories of Sarah Orne Jewett. This text is from Youth's Companion.” Dr. Heller’s annotated text, with original illustrations, can be read at the website.

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Sarah Orne Jewett, Kate Chopin, Charlotte Perkins Gilman, and Edith Wharton Custom Essay

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