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The Civil War was a brutal conflict between the North and South; brother against brother.

The Civil War was a serious test for the new democracy of the United States, it tested the strength of the government and all of the people involved....

Yet the economies of the two regions were complementary to some extent, in terms of the exchange of goods and capital; the Civil War did not arise because of economic competition between the North and South over markets, for instance....

He analyzed the letters and diaries of twenty-five thousand soldiers, ultimately determining the reasons for the soldier’s continuance to fight during the Civil War.

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It is important to understand the differences in perspectives, values, and relative analysis of costs and benefits that shaped the social, political, and economic transactions during the Civil War because this era created a nation that values freedom.

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The describes the illegal election in June 1861, recounts reasons for not seceding from the Union, lists the crimes committed by the secessionists against loyal Tennesseans, and describes, quite accurately, what the results of secession and war would be.

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African Americans fought for their freedom, and up until the Civil War it was never given to them.

Stout, George Reagan Wilson, etc.1) A survey of the civil war history from around 1970 to the present provides a very extensive context in terms of historical attention to the civil war and religion....

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This paper will explore the way that economics, previous compromises, changing social mores and values, and the nature of politics laid a foundation for the continued regional conflict which eventually resulted in the Civil War....

Secession and Civil War Assignment Order Description Although Abraham Lincoln repeatedly stated that his goal in fighting the Civil War was to save the

One of the major causes of the Civil War was the seemingly endless political disputes over slavery in the Mexican Cession and Louisiana Purchase territories....

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In addition to losing many of its young men, sons, husbands, fathers, and friends to the conflict, the Southern planter aristocracy was crushed in the war, and never regained its political power.

The Civil War answered many of the fundamental questions of the American experiment: free or slave, one or many, united or divided. But it did so at a tremendous cost.

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Men like Steve Wilkins and Douglas Wilson, who have concocted a false theology they call Federal Vision, fooling thousands, have recently published a book giving a false account of the Civil War.

The Civil war essay The Civil War was fought over numerous issues that came to a head with the election of 1860

While their battles are well documented and historically analyzed for over a hundred years, there is one aspect, one dark spot missing in the picture: the role of women in the American Civil War.

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Because the North and the South were very different economically, socially, and politically, and with territorial expansion all of this eventually resulted in the Civil War, or the War Between the States....