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(d) Law no. 125 of 2001 already did provide for specificlimitations with respect to TV and Radio advertising of alcoholicbeverages. According to Article 13 advertising for alcoholic and'super-alcoholic' drinks (i. e. those with a high grade ofalcoholic content as most of the spirits) was totally banned:

(h) Audio- and Videotex services: According to MinisterialDecree no. 385 of 1995 such "services and informationshould be directed, as a rule, to people older then 18years" and "are not allowed to stimulate the useof alcoholic beverages and tobacco products ...". Theseprovisions were repealed by Ministerial Decree no. 145 of March2nd, 2006, which introduced a broader regulation nowgoverning all services, provided by means of electroniccommunication and involving for users additional costs/payments;the regulation includes services provided through SMS, MMS, dial-upsystems and interactive digital TV. Article 3 of the Decreeexplicitly sets that such services may not induce the consumptionof alcoholic beverages.

A comprehensive review of policies and programmes indicates that making alcohol less available and more expensive and placing a ban on alcohol advertising are the most cost-effective ways to reduce the harm caused by alcohol. This position is reflected in WHO policy documents, namely the and the The latter rates enforcing bans on alcohol advertising as among the top 10 ‘best buys’ for addressing non-communicable diseases. Apart from Islamic countries, several others restrict alcohol advertising. France, for example, restricts the content of radio and print advertisements to specific elements such as product name, ingredients, alcohol strength, method of production and conditions of sale; and requires that advertisements include moderation messages. Norway and Sweden prohibit advertising to the public of alcoholic beverages over 2.5% alcohol by volume in Norway, and 3.5% in Sweden.

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The final anti-smoking argument that is often used by opponents of smoking deals with civil responsibility. Those who want to ban smoking declare that the ban would be for the good of the nation. They state that people should encourage others in their society to live healthy. Using that reasoning, fast food, alcohol, caffeine, and even too much exposure to sunlight can be made illegal. These things are all knowingly bad for one’s health. The fact that most things can be made illegal under this reasoning proves that the argument is faulty. However, this case also has a sub-argument to it. While fast food and alcohol may be dangerous when used to excess, they are not harmful when used in moderation. Quite honestly, neither are cigarettes. One does not start smoking at the age of 16 and get cancer a year later. It takes years of excessive use to acquire cancer. In addition, it was just recently discovered that there were benefits to drinking a glass of alcohol per day. Perhaps one day benefits to smoking a cigarette a day will be discovered.


The first huge reason why smoking should not be made illegal is because it has been proven that prohibition does not work. In 1920, alcoholic beverages were banned in the United States. The reasoning behind outlawing alcohol was that the less alcohol consumed, the less crime committed, and the better off the society would be. While this does seem like a fairly logical idea, one thing was overlooked. By banning alcohol, the government created a huge black market for the intoxicating substance. And in a time when money was tight and people would do anything to make ends meet, people viewed that black market as an opportunity to make money. When people started to make illegal alcohol, several things happened. First, alcohol became more available since a lot of people (attempting to make money) made it. In addition to that, the illegal alcohol was much stronger than the alcohol that existed in pre-Prohibition days. Since the alcohol was illegal and unregulated, anything could be mixed into it and the beverage could be as potent as the buyer wanted.


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In April 2012, the draft Control of Marketing of Alcoholic Beverages Bill was leaked to the press. This draft bill signals the government’s intention to seriously consider banning alcohol advertising by seeking to ‘totally prohibit the advertising of alcoholic products; permit only notices, which must be limited to “describing the price, brand name, type, strength of origin and composition of the product”, to be displayed inside licensed and registered premises, and notices must be accompanied by a health warning and must not be visible from the outside; prohibit the display of names and logos of alcoholic beverages on delivery vehicles; prohibit the linking of sports sponsorships to alcoholic brand names; and prohibit the promotion of alcoholic beverages through donations and discounts at events.’ This provoked a massive outcry from the liquor industry, sporting bodies and the advertising sector. The draft bill may, however, be modified before it goes to Cabinet, and a process involving stakeholder consultation is also probable before it is finalised.

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Morality means in moral idealism terms that it is that “set of rules universal obedience.” Both the citizens, and the manufacturer’s have this set of rules to follow, and when these may be crossing paths equally or in a different tone, it is not up to one person to decide whether or not the advertising of alcoholic beverages should be banned.

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The evidence therefore supports a broad public health approach toaddressing harmful use of alcohol rather than simply seeking to changeindividual behaviour, as propounded by the liquor industry. Thisapproach would ideally involve implementing a full ban on alcoholadvertising, supplemented with other policy interventions includingincreases in alcohol excise taxes; addressing alcohol availabilitythrough harmonisation of liquor outlet regulations across theprovinces, and tighter controls on the hours of sale of alcohol;providing brief interventions for individual high-risk drinkers; andfurther reducing permissible blood alcohol concentration levels fordrivers. Implementing a banon alcohol advertising will not be easy, and many have warned ofenormous job losses in the communications sector. The same argument was made in the lead-up to the ban on tobaccoadvertising, yet job losses did not materialise, and the advertisingspace vacated by the tobacco industry was largely taken up by cellphone companies. Other products are therefore likely to take up some ofthe advertising space if alcohol advertising is banned; for example,Sasol took over the sponsorship of the Springbok Rugby Team a few yearsago when South African Breweries ended its sponsorship. The proposedregulations will still permit advertising of alcohol products at pointsof sale. Furthermore, efforts are under way to establish a HealthPromotion Foundation in South Africa, funded possibly through a levy onalcohol and tobacco excise taxes. Thailand and Victoria State inAustralia have used funds from health promotion foundations to buyadvertising space to promote pro-health messages. Should this occur inSouth Africa, it is likely to provide an opportunity for revenue foradvertising companies. We must also consider balancing losses inadvertising jobs with the enormous financial and other savings thatwill result from a reduction in consumption and related harm. Banningalcohol advertising will also necessitate greater scrutiny of thedigital media (FaceBook, Twitter and websites), satellite televisionand merchandising, to reduce the likelihood of the ban being subverted. Trade-offs are made all the time about what we can and cannotadvertise, based on balancing harm and benefit. Surely the time hascome to treat alcohol in the same way as tobacco products?

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