The option of being tried as an adult hangs on many circumstances....

In the justice system, one may be considered an adult at 18 and be tried as such.

Florida (2010) particularly, the Court has applied to juveniles’ non-capital sentences the rigorous proportionality review that, for adults, has been reserved for death sentences.

The first is that juvenile offenders are different from and less culpable than adults and should usually be subject to more lenient criminal sanctions.

Second, if children are unable to make adult judgments and inhibit their actions, rather than simply being unwilling to do so, that should speak in favor of a juvenile justice system that recognizes that juvenile offenders may be more amendable to rehabilitation than adults.

Both of these juveniles are being tried as adults.

"Success stories are rare among delinquents" - Richard Ross
"There is every reason to predict that today most of these students, like those who came before them in the juvenile justice systems, will never receive a high school diploma or a college degree, will be arrested and confined again as a juvenile or adult, and will rarely, if ever, become self-supporting, law-abiding citizens during most of their lives." - Just Learning: A Study of Juvenile Justice Schools in the South and the Nation.
Harsh Punishment Reduces Crime
Protects the safety of the public.

Should Juveniles Be Tried As Adults?

This basically means, should it be right for children under the age of 18 to be sentenced for crimes they commit, with the same intense sentencing as adults.

This shows that there is an obvious gap between juveniles and adults.

Should children who commit adult crimes be tried as adults?

Morals of people are inherent from birth meaning that kids and adults should know the difference between right and wrong (HCHS1259 1). If a child has bad behaviour, it does not mean that the bad behaviours were forced into them rather that they are have chosen to be like that out of their own free will. This therefore means that a crime is committed willingly by the offender and they are of sound mind while doing that.

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I still stand by my opinion that children should not be tried as adults in a court when they commit a crime. I cannot find any reason to support the fact that an 8 year old boy should be tried in the same court as a 50 year-old man who has committed the same crime. The two are nowhere comparable in term of maturity. Imagine an 8-year old sitting in an adult court where he may receive a death penalty of life imprisonment. What could he possibly understand while sitting through the proceedings?

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There are also opposing arguments for this issue with some believing that children should in fact be tried as adults when they commit crimes such as killing since crime is crime no matter who commits it. They argue that when the justice system becomes lenient with them, they will commit more crime since they know that they will receive minimum sentence. While many states do not consider children for the death penalty, some state consider 16-17 year olds for the death penalty. Defence attorneys in the United State argue that since most of the drop-off in juvenile crime is seen in most states, harsher penalties for young offenders should be embraced (Reaves 9). Some people can argue that children will think more carefully about their crime if they know that they will receive adult sentences.

Both of these juveniles are being tried as adults

The nature of human development from juvenile to adult hood coupled with justice and raising juvenile crimes are amongst the things that puzzle many people. The society as a whole does not expect children to be criminals. A dilemma is created with the continuous correlation between the juveniles and criminality world wide, this creates difficulty in solving. This leaves the justice system with two alternatives; either it formulates a means of redefining the juvenile offences or the juvenile be termed as responsible adults liable for their offences.

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Most societies in the world have chosen to treat the offences committed by the juveniles as mere delinquent mistakes that can be settled in a separate and more considerate justice system that has been designed with the objective of recognizing the vulnerable status of the juveniles and with a high consideration of their special needs (Wilde, 3). Under this system of justice rehabilitation is highly encouraged over capital punishment that is reserved for the adult criminals.

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When a juvenile is tried in an adult court, the conviction can result in the loss of rights, including the right to vote and right to own a firearm (LaMance 2). These are but a few of the consequences of trying juveniles as adults.