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Gandhi understands religion as connoting the individual’s integrity and society’s solidarity.

Ever since the time of the scientist Galileo, there have been continual battles in the West betweenthe dominant religion (Christianity) and persons who propose conflicting social, medical,scientific and other ideas.

provides balanced views of religion and spirituality.One remarkable essay is from John Pavlovitz, a Christian minister with 18 years in the field.

For the religious humanists it is to establish and maintain " a free and universal society in which people voluntarily and intelligently co-operate for the common good." While on the other hand primal religions aim to carry on the traditions of their ancestors and to revive and maintain "a lost reverence and passion for the earth and its web of life" (Collier p.1, 7.) Primal religions are religions that we associa...

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In Why Tolerate Religion?, Brian Leiter shows why our reasons for tolerating religion are not specific to religion but apply to all claims of conscience, and why a government committed to liberty of conscience is not required by the principle of toleration to grant exemptions to laws that promote the general welfare.

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However, the problem isn’t a domestic one; the issue persists globally and continues to cause conflict between countries and social groups.
The issue at hand must be addressed, and the programs that attempt to correct the current state of religious tolerance aren’t working well enough.

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