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“Soldier’s Home” is a story that revolves around Harold Krebs. Harold is a young who has returned from war and is tormented by the experiences that he has had. As the story goes on, Harold eventually comes to realize that he shouldn’t be in his childhood home anymore. Therefore, he decides to leave and go on about his life somewhere else, somewhere new. Harold’s mother is a very woman and tries to help her son, but her attempts are rather ineffective at best.

Ernest Hemingway compiled a great collection of stores in the collection In Our Time, including “Soldier’s Home”, which portray a unique sense of life and purpose like no other author can seem to accomplish. This story is very ironic in its title and the storyline, as are most of the titles of Hemingway’s works. Hemingway doesn’t bother to tell people why Krebs is the last to return home or what happened in the meantime, but Harold simply comes back late and cannot find his place when everyone else is already settled.

It is a great tale that speaks to fitting in and being left behind, in a sense. One of many great stories by Ernest Hemingway, “Soldier’s Home” is among the from the anthology.

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