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Summary AND Analysis
Our first Writing project is a

Response (also known as Agree/Disagree, Interpret/Reflect)

We are focusing on

the act of

and THEN
the act of
Responding through Analysis.

Tell what happened
in your own words!
Pg 79-81
Double Entry log
(record what happens and what you think) and
Critical Rereading Guide
Pg 85- Summarizing break down
Pg 109- Sample Summary examples
Pg 110-
Response Shaping
(avoid "Analyzing" on pg 110 for now)
Pg 112- "
Interpreting and Reflecting
" example
Pg 114- Organizing Summary Response Essays
Pages from your book that will help!
Create a Double Entry log for "The Lesson" by Toni Bambara.
Be sure to write down at least 10 details/events from the story and your thought about them.
A response is a section that lets the writer discuss the topic.

Nothing new is mentioned- this is the writer's last chance to restate the main ideas.
Analysis/Response- Tell what you think and give the reasons why
Summary/Response in total


Sounds kinda scary...

In a summary section of a paper you should:
Report the main idea as objectively as possible.
Avoid summarizing specific examples unless to illustrate a point.
Use direct quotes and phrases.
In Response, You Might:
This type of essay/paper is a combination of the two large parts, with "bookends".

A great structure  which can be used summary response essay examples to help write an essay is the TEXAS format.

While the poem is addressed to Kipling's son John, it was inspired by a great friend of his, Leander Starr Jameson, the Scots-born colonial politician and adventurer responsible for what has been deemed the Jameson raid that led to the Second Boer War. The raid was intended to start an uprising among the British expatriate workers in the South African Republic, but there were complications and it was a failure. Jameson was arrested and tried, but he was already being hailed a hero by London, which was filled with anti-Boer sentiment. He served only fifteen months in prison and later became Prime Minister of Cape Colony back in South Africa. It appears that Kipling had met Jameson and befriended him through Cecil Rhodes, the Prime Minister of Cape Colony at the time of the raid.

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"If-" contains a multitude of characteristics deemed essential to the ideal man. They almost all express stoicism and reserve – the classic British "stiff upper lip." In particular, a man must be humble, patient, rational, truthful, dependable, and persevering. His behavior in response to deleterious events and cruel men is important; he must continue to have faith in himself when others doubt him, he must understand that his words might be twisted and used for evil, he must be able to deal with the highest and lowest echelons of society, and he must be able to withstand the lies and hatred emanating from others. This group of ideal characteristics is similar to those expressed in "", another poem dealing with manhood.

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Fast food is not a very hard job to do; everything is set up just for us so it won’t be a difficult job and that a person with a third of a brain or less can do it. The hard thing about fast food is the amount of work. Fast Food Nation describes how everything is set up like the assembly lines in Detroit. Everything is done in steps from start to finish; it has all been prepared so it won’t be time consuming and there is a lot of output in a small amount of time. Schlosser states how all fast food restaurants have manuals, explaining how everything should be done. Some manuals were as long as 75 pages explaining how the burgers should be cooked and how they should be placed. It was almost like he was describing my training because I had to almost completely memorize a 50 page manual describing how I should weigh things and how and for how long things should cook. Then we were tested just to show them that we did look over the manual and if we didn’t get a certain score we could have lost our job without even working a single second [Again, you effectively use personal examples and paraphrases from the book to explain your response].

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Once the essay begins, Hines delves straight into Chavez Ravine, the architects behind the housing project there, and the socialist controversy that doomed the project, provoking a number of responses from me ranging from frustration to sympathy....

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While these aspects of the American energy infrastructure are very important, they do not require an immediate response to address the risk from rising sea levels, or increases in flooding and storms.