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On the question of why texting may be so popular Vosloo (2009), suggested that teenagers may not perceive texting as real writing, but linguistically it is. The author quoted a study by Plester, Wood and Joshi (2009) that texting may be thought of as the “ability to decode information in various orthographic formats, including digital media, to make meaning from and to encode information into those formats to communicate ideas to others” (par. 4). If students do not consider text-messaging as real writing then such students should benefit from instruction in the classroom that incorporates text-messaging in the language arts curriculum.

Classroom Use
This next area of discussion might be coined --if you can’t beat ‘m, join ‘m approach in the classroom. That is, classroom teachers are seeing the potential for text speak as a learning tool, resulting in the use of various forms of texting to connect students to reading and writing in the classroom (summarizing the classics into textspeak; demonstrating writing for a particular audience; as a tool for writing the first draft etc.)

Sometimes, you may need to write longer sentences, which can minimize the character count. This is because many grammatical expressions may have to be written once instead of several times. A comma while it counts should accomplish the same number of letters. You surely want your readers to get the point of your message – be it an informative text, an instruction to workers, or simply to express appreciation. Keep in mind your goal in writing is to have readers understand your writing, and this can be accomplished with a limited number of letters or characters.

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Many praise rap as democratic, in that performing it is accessible to people without access to musical instruments and formal training. Texting is the linguistic equivalent. Would we prefer the era when the standard for all writing, even to close friends and family, was the likes of McGuffey’s Reader passages such as “The quail is peculiarly a domestic bird, and is attached to his birthplace and the home of his forefathers. The various members of the aquatic families educate their children in the cool summer of the far north, and bathe their warm bosoms in July …”?

Some people text so often that it has become their new best friend!

E-mail and texting are also just plain handy, allowing the recipient more flexibility in answering, usable amidst noise and even allowing a medium of flirtation less invasive than a phone call but quicker than a letter.

Professor David Crystal says texting actually improves literacy:

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When you’re trying to text quickly – which, admit it, is most of the time – the first thing to go is the punctuation. For one thing, putting the proper punctuation in can require a shift from the ABC menu to a numeric and symbolic keyboard on many phones.

ConsAbbreviations make texting quick and easy to do.

Words like 'ova' and 'neva' have an "r" removed whereas individuals in the West-Country would leave the "r." To summarize Crystal's view on texting, he states,

"I am fascinated by it, for it is the latest manifestation of human ability--- and young human ability, at that to be linguistically creative and to adapt to language to suit the demands of diverse settings.

Free online calculator which counts the number of characters, letters or words in a text.

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So, for those of us who can’t seem to go five minutes without shooting off a text to someone, here are the top five mistakes to be sure to not carry over to writing.

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Everyone’s a writer these days. The ubiquity of cell phones and texting means that the average kid has written the equivalent of several Moby Dicks and a War and Peace to boot by the time they turn twelve. All this writing includes plenty of mistakes in texting.

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Although they allow for faster communication, Gorney states that it takes away from the "eloquence of the language" and creates "potentially a loss of understanding between people."
In these poems, Silver displays the obvious grammatical errors, misspelled words, absence of punctuation and capitalization, and highly-abbreviated words that embody Textspeak.

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I try to move fluidly between graphic and prose as much as possible. Oftentimes with a video I'll write an essay first and then craft visuals to couple that narration, but on the page I like the idea of images and text communicating within the creation as well as the reading/viewing process.