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The argument results in Neville flinging his “dregs of wine at Edwin Drood”(61).

As important as his contributions were to the genre, Poe was influenced greatly by the early work of Charles Dickens who, with his contemporary, Wilkie Collins, made major contributions to the genre as well. Dickens wrote many stories that contained elements of mystery and suspense, including “Bleak House” (1853). “The Mystery of Edwin Drood” (1870), an unfinished masterpiece, is the perfect murder mystery because Dickens death left it forever unsolved.

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I think Dick Datchery, with his peculiar and mysterious systemofrecording and connecting clues, using symbols written in chalk, may bea professional detective (a literary cousin of Inspector Bucket) .HemayhavebeenhiredbyGrewgious(aLondonlawyer,abletofindadetectivethroughhisconnections),whosuspectsJasper,eversincewitnessingJasper'sreactiontothenews that Edwin and Rosa had brokenoff their betrothal .

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Actually, we have several mysteries, which I group under threemainquestions:
~ First, does Edwin Drood die? and if he does, is it murder? and if so,who is his killer?
~ Secondly, how would Charles Dickens have completed the novel, had henot died in the middle of its composition? and
~ Thirdly, what significant themes or messages did he intend to presentto his readers?

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She has the capacity to force Neville into “rising in a fury”(61), after just recently meeting him.
The plot line in The Mystery of Edwin Drood, although written in the 19th century, reflects the life of Rose Bud.

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is the final novel by Charles Dickens. The novel was left unfinished at the time of Dickens' death, and readers have often speculated what the ending might have been. The novel is named after Edwin Drood, but it mostly tells the story of his uncle, a Jekyll-and-Hyde-esque choirmaster named John Jasper, who is in love with his pupil, Rosa Bud. Miss Bud is Drood's fiancée, and has caught the eye of the high-spirited and hot-tempered Neville Landless, who comes from Ceylon (now Sri Lanka) with his twin sister, Helena, and immediately makes an enemy of Drood. In the musical version (see below) all of these, along with the Reverend Crisparkle (with whom the Landless twins live), a mysterious opium dealer called only the Princess Puffer, and Crisparkle's assistant, Mister Bazzard, are all considered possible suspects for the murder of Drood. In the book it is hinted strongly that Jasper is the murderer, but it is not known whether Dickens had a surprise in mind.

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She has encountered Edwin Drood and, being apparently afortune-teller,has predicted his doom . (Although she may have piecedtogetherscraps of information, partly from Jasper's mutterings during his opiumdreams.) When the film and the shaking come over her, Edwin recognizesthe same look that he had seen in his uncle; but perhaps he alsounknowingly catches in that moment a family resemblance?

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Iassume that the Princess sells to Datchery her discovery,fromhereavesdropping on Jasper in her opium den, of the planned method of themurder, including the location where the body is to be disposed of (avault in the graveyard, as indicated by Dickens's notes for Chapter12). Durdles divines, through his special talents - which were bound tocome in handy, sooner or later! - the presence of something extra inone of the vaults, and Datchery & Co discover some remains in apile of quicklime , and the ring identifying Drood,whichJasper (who boasted to the jeweller about having aninventory ofEdwin's jewellery, namely watch, chain, and shirt-pin) did not knowabout (because Edwin had decided not to tell Jasper until later), andconsequently had not recovered when he removed from the corpse othermeans of identification.

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Then there is some confrontation between Jasper andNevilleLandless, who has obtained information from Princess Puffer linkingJasper to the murder. Jasper kills Neville, and then forges a suicidenote, purporting to come from Neville, with a confession to the murderof Edwin Drood.