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Portland, Ore.: Multnomah School District ( hereafter cited as Baseline Essay )._____ 1987.
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Unfortunately, one widely distributed attempt to do this will increase scientific illiteracy and impede the recruitment of African-American children into scientific careers.In 1987, the Portland, Oregon, school district published the African-American Baseline Essays, a set of six essays to be read by all teachers and whose contents are to be infused into the teaching of various subjects in all grades.

The Science Baseline Essay, titled "African and African-American Contributions to Science and Technology" (Adams 1990), was written by Hunter Haviland Adams, who claims to be a research scientist at Argonne National Laboratory.

Actually, Adams is an industrial-hygiene technician who "does no research on any topic at Argonne," and his highest degree is a high school diploma (Baurac 1991). The Science Baseline Essay follows a pattern familiar to students of pseudoscience.

Scientists and concerned citizens need to question their schools to see if they have adopted or are considering the Baseline Essay.
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Just.The essay is aimed primarily at grade-school teachers, many of whom "The Science Baseline Essay"is a farrago of extraordinaryclaims with little or noevidence; it argues for theexistence of the paranormal andadvocates the use of religion asa part of the scientificparadigm." suffer from science illiteracy.

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The effect will be that many minority-and majority-children will be taught in their science classes that psi is valid, in addition to being subjected to the usual barrage of "New Age" material.Another fundamental problem is the claim in the Baseline Essay that Egyptian religion was supposed to be a key organizing principle of Egyptian society.

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Information on the Multicultural/Multiethnic Education Office's Baseline Essay Project
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In their model, a baseline description of a community, culture and organization is preparatory step toward crafting an evaluation of community stability and sustainability.

"They show us how to take our people beyond the usual drudgery and isolation of evaluation process, using the process to facilitate decisions, demonstrate accountability, enhance relationships and support planning.

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This provides a baseline or starting point; so people can set goals for getting to an even better place, and effectively measure their progress toward that future place.

known as the Portland Baseline Essays ..

A workshop on "African Contributions to Science and Technology" presented undiluted material from the Baseline Essay, including the use of gliders by Egyptians 4,000 years ago, without a murmur of dissent from an audience composed of grade-school science teachers.Concerned scientists need to develop reliable and scientifically valid curricular material that deals with Africa and African Americans.

the Georgia State University professor who spearheaded the development of the Portland essays…

Carolyn Leonard, Coordinator of Multicultural-Multiethnic Education for the Portland Public Schools, has given more than 50 presentations on the Baseline Essays.

The Portland Public School District has broken new ground with the publication of the African-American Baseline Essays

This book should help reinvigorate the planning profession at a time of unprecedented change, complexity, and need for resilience."—Stuart Cowan, Ph.D. (Co-Author, ), Bainbridge Graduate Institute, Portland, OR.

Preface To The African/African-American Baseline Essays. Spring 1987 Matthew W. Prophet Superintendent Portland Public Schools 501 N. Dixon Street Portland…

If neither grows, she will not give birth." Since the word for barley in Egyptian is masculine and that for emmer is feminine, this is a classical example of magical procedure, which follows the Law of Similarities used in magical procedures everywhere.The Baseline Essay is a classical example of pseudoscience, but because of the current pressure on school districts to incorporate multicultural material into the classroom and the dearth of this kind of material, it has been widely distributed. Hundreds of copies of the Baseline Essays have been sent to school districts across the country.

What are the Baseline Essays?

Hispanic Planning Advisory Committee, American Indian Curriculum Committee, African-American Curriculum Consultants ...) The table below summarizes the the product of the baseline essay project.