Part I: Rights and Rights Consciousness

You may read his essay , in which he argues for these eucharisticsanctions.

Iraq in terms ofwhether violence in those countries was justified: This essay is alsoa very good background both to the events leading away from 9/11 and up towar with Iraq, as well as the just war tradition as a whole.

"There's no rationale left for Iraq": an essay from 2004"Ethics Outflanked," by George Lopez: responds to arguments frequently adduced that argue against a strategically planned withdrawal from Iraq"Tours of Duty: A Mother's Story": a moving account by Barbara Mujica of her son's service in Iraq"Turning Point": an essay written in 2010 by the editors of America magazine assessing the results of the war in Iraq.

There is also a link here to the GI Rights Hotline, which provides information to members of the military about discharges,grievance and complaint procedures, and other civil rights.

This essay follows upon the birth of octuplets by Nadya Suleman of California.

State of Washington (1996): a ruling by Judge Stephen Reinhardt of the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals affirming a person's right to die and the right to physician-assisted suicide.

Nuns?": an anonymous essay by "Sister X"

Montana judge rules in favor of assisted suicide: On December 5, 2008, Montana judge Dorothy McCarter ruled that laws banning assisted suicide violate the right to privacy found in the Montana consistution.

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Quill ruling and asserted that there is no consitutional right to physician assisted suicide.

And what it to be done now?": an excellent essay by the late Bishop Kenneth Untener of Saginaw which reflects on the pastoral consequences of the encylical.

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Tissa Balasuriya, 72, of Sri Lanka because of his views on papal infallibility, the doctrine ofthe Immaculate Conception, the dogma of original sin, and baptism.

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"Right Decision, Wrong Reason": another way to think about the Court's ruling in ways that depart from Justice Kennedy's reasoning"The Court and Same-Sex Marriage": excellent piece by a law professor saying what the Court's DOMA ruling said, and what it didn't say"A Catholic's Case for Same-Sex Marriage"A gay man's argument against same-sex marriage"Legalize same-sex marriage": An essay from 2004 by Paul Griffiths, this makes the case that law and morality should part and that sacramental marriage and state-sponsored contractual marriage should be disentangled.

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On the topic of the Catholic tradition and homosexuality,seealso the excellent ; in the Summer, 2004 with contributions by Luke Timothy Johnson and Eve Tushnet exploring the testimony of Scripture and the witness of human experience; and a story about

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Elizabeth Johnson's book, Quest for the Living God: Mapping Frontiers in the Theology of God: This essay critiques how the bishops handled the dispute and includes several other links pertinent to this particular case.

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20/01/2011 · Eve Tushnet's response to my argument about traditions and traditionalism makes wonderful reading

The ethics of stem-cell research," an essay by Thomas Shannon: This essay picks up on issues pertaining to the personhood of a fertilized egg and the time of individuation.