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Find out in advance what size bed you get in your dorm. Twin? Or twin extra long?

You want to be prepared for everything, so try to think of unique situations and what you might need to handle them. What would you need for a dentist appointment? If something breaks? If you get bored? Also remember that you will be very busy, so you don’t want to bring too much.

Living on your own also means you have to pick up after yourself. When it comes to areas like the bathroom and kitchen area, you’ll want cleaning supplies on hand.

While most scholarship programs target what is considered the average college bound student, young and fresh out of high school, many new programs are being developed to help older students who don’t fit the established mold. As more and more adults return to college, financial aid programs specifically designed to address their needs as students are becoming available.

Think about what your school already offers, and what you like to have when studying.

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Scholarships come from a wide range of sources, and address the needs of a wide range of students. The uniqueness of a student’s background, cultural heritage and life experience can lead to a wide array of scholarship opportunities. The secret is to apply your own individuality to your search for college funding. Leave no stone unturned, and don’t quit until you have exhausted all of the financial aid possibilities.

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There will be moments when you feel like “eating in” or having a late night snack in your dorm, so pack some snacks. Don’t mess with perishable food; dry food is best, and stuff that can be stored easily.

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It’s never too soon to make plans – many twins make their hotel reservations for the next year before they’ve even left the festival grounds! You can get a lot of good information on this from on this web site. If you have a question that’s not answered here, you can .

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Yes, even if you have a cafeteria, there is a good chance you’ll want to whip something up in your room. Find out what the policy is at your dorm on cooking, specifically on cooking electronics like microwaves, coffee pots, and hot plates. Some schools allow them and some strictly forbid them.

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Find out what kind of electronics are allowed and supplied in the dorms, and make sure to consult with your roommate – you don’t need duplicates of big-ticket items like TVs, DVDs or refrigerators.

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No; if you wish, you can just pay admission at the gate and attend without registering. BUT, it’s fun to belong to the event, and it helps to support the festival. For a nominal charge, you get a couple of souvenir programs, the opportunity to participate in the parade, the Twins Talent Show or the contests. You also have a chance to take part in the research projects, and have the opportunity to order a group photo. The to registered attendees mean that it might be cheaper for you to register than not to register.. Also, as a attendee, you get counted! If you just show up, nobody knows exactly how many twins were at the festival — and the count of twins helps inspire the sponsors, which in turn helps to finance the whole festival.

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If you are bringing your own computer find out if there is Internet access in your room and what the compatibility requirements are so you can be prepared.