In my life I have studied under three memorable teachers.

It was a rush of excitement I had never felt before in my life.

That special day is one of the most momentous days in a young student’s life.

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In my case my graduation day started out to be a great day but turned out to be one of the worst.

We all have defining moments in our lives where we can look back and say, “That moment changed my life.” This is the story of the defining moment that changed the way I read and write, and I learned it from a whale.

It is because of my "family" that I am graduating today.

Twenty years ago, the fight was seen to have taken effect on the public, today the fight is still going strong, but with a few alterations in the Pro-life movement.

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These pictures of my family represent a wide variety of importance and emotions in my life.

His prime caregiver is my mother, who we believe has managed to slow my father's deterioration by keeping him mentally stimulated with a pre-arranged activity every day of the week.

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Last year, Mitt Romney endorsed Richard Murdock’s debate that rape is a blessing from God, by pointing out that he has “struggled with it myself for a long time, but I came to realize that life is that gift from God.

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The highlights of this particular speech includes the way she arrested attention from her audience, her flawless extemporaneous delivery, and the unforgettable message she dramatically brings to life....

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Mallard’s "brief moment of illumination" is a very deep and touching story about a lady who is forced to be married to a man she did not really know and did not love deeply with all her heart, as if she is bound with unhappiness for life.

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Potentially much more than in novels, myths allow us to enter into the ancient world on a deeper level; through them we are exposed to the popular worldview and superstitions of the day.

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This is one of the many days when my childhood friend Shazia and I have decided to study together for our upcoming semester finals Today the only difference is that we are studying at her house where there is always a lot of commotion because of her younger siblings.

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Many of them serves as a link to my home life, since I am away at college without my family I allow their pictures to be decorations (memoirs) in my apartment.