Propaganda is a central element to the plot of Animal Farm.

 First of all, Napoleon and the pigs used propaganda to tell lies the animals wouldbelieve.

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Propaganda goes hand in hand with the art of persuasion and convincing; these tools can control and manipulate the collective minds of massive amount of its audience....

The Romans might have been some of the first rulers to use propaganda, but since their time we have seen many political leaders use the same methods to make themselves achieve a higher level of affection from the people under them.

Squealer used propaganda more then any otheranimal on the farm, and he prospered from it.

“The most effective way to destroy people is to deny and obliterate their understanding of their history.”-George Orwell. It is known that dictators use propaganda in order to control their people. In Napoleon and Snowball, who are both leaders, use propaganda techniques in their rule for power. It is a common belief that only a good leader with morally just actions can sway an entire population. However, Napoleon is a tyrannical murderous leader, who is still able to take control of the majority of the people in a negative way since they are less educated and can get manipulated very easily. Napoleon was more clever, was a liar, and was more convincing. Napoleon used his propaganda techniques in a negative manner, which had an adverse impact on the animals. Surely, the propaganda techniques worked, but Napoleon didn’t have the qualities of a good leader.

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Politics have often been pushed to the forefront of the Olympics, altering their meaning from purely athletic competition to political aims and moneymaking propaganda....

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And finally, because of using propaganda, the pigs gained the trust of the animals.

Glittering Generalities: Glittering generalities are words that have different positive meaning for individual subjects, but are linked to highly valued concepts. When these words are used, they demand approval without thinking, simply because such an important concept is involved.. Words often used as glittering generalities are honor, glory, love of country, and especially in the United States, freedom.

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Bandwagon: Bandwagon is one of the most common techniques in both wartime and peacetime and plays an important part in modern advertising. Bandwagon is an appeal to the subject to follow the crowd, to join in because others are doing so as well. Bandwagon propaganda is, essentially, trying to convince the subject that one side is the winning side, because more people have joined it.

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Types of Advertisement
Political Ad--an ad promoting what one of the characters is doing or an ad promoting the election of a character.
Event Ad--an ad promoting one of the many events or meetings in the novel.
Product Ad--an ad to promote the sale or trade of products produced on the farm or setting of the book.

Sketch your advertisement in the space provided on the handout and include text you will use.

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by not giving all the facts or by secretly emphasizing only one way of looking at the facts
types of propaganda:
-name calling -appeal to emotion
-transfer -band wagon
-testimonial -plain folks
-card stacking - glittering generalities

Types of propaganda used in animal farm
-old major speech -four legs good, two legs bad
-mystery of the milk -animal farm trading with humans
-apple for the pigs -making snowball the scapegoat
-military decorations - pigs moving into farmhouse
-debate over the windmill
-squealer justifying napoleon leadership
What is rhetoric
The art of effective or persuasive speaking or writing, especially the use of figures of speech and other compositional techniques.
Is the understanding of the basic division between what is communication and how it is communicated.

What techniques of propaganda does squealer uses
Squealer uses testimonial saying that Napoleon is doing the best he can and that the other farm animal should work as hard as he does.

In Animal Farm propaganda becomes an important part of Napoleon's rule but also important in Jones ..

appealing to a person's emotions)

Is used in propaganda to spark compassion; strong emotion

A rhetoric technique

The emotional or motivational appeals; vivid language, emotional language and numerous sensory details.
Ex.) Sarah McLachlan animal commercials

Animal Farm
by George Orwell
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Now, work with your table-mates
and label the types of propaganda
used in the scenes from
Animal Farm.

Let's look at the first one: