The devices presented arenot in alphabetical order.

To add to your knowledge of a topic, read thoroughly about it, using legitimate sources.

When two groups or people from different civilizations come into contact with each other, in theory both groups believe that their way of life is the sophisticated one and the other’s is the savage one, but more often than not, there is little difference between the two groups.

Anyway, television programming is corrupting our youths' minds; they are being stupefied and are becoming virtual vegetables as they are molded by the programs they view to be lazy, selfish, and to forsake all their moral and ethical values.

All these features contribute to how the poem will be read, and when the poem is read, the sound, furthered by alliteration, assumes an alternating rhythm of excitement and measured awareness....

So, the comparison is saved by using an implied metaphor.

AERLINN(Sindarin, aer+ lin, "ocean-song," sometimes spelled aerlin): As part of his , Tolkien sought to fill out his imaginary words with complete histories, mythologies, and poetic traditions. Accordingly, he invented the aerlinn, an imaginary genre of Elvish poetry that Tolkien devised to be background for The Lord of the Rings. Aerlinns are with a seven-line stanza-structure rhyming aababcc. The form may be loosely inspired by the seven-line stanza invented by Chaucer in the fourteenth century that later came into its own as . The aerlinn's conventional theme would be a or an , usually to Elbereth or another of the . Tolkien's etymology for the word connects holiness with the ocean. In his , the potentially immortal Elves eventually suffer a sea-longing. They feel a compulsion that calls them to sail over the western sea to join the Valar and leave behind the world of men. Below is a sample aerlinn in Elvish from the end of chapter one, "Merry Meetings," in The Two Towers:

I am not sure which classification these examples fit into:

Note that in the first example above the bit ofmoralizingplaced into the sentence appears to be more natural and acceptable thanif it were stated separately as a kind of moral conclusion, which wasnotthe purpose or drift of the article.

Still seems confusing, doesn't it.

Often,though, several words not next to each other are alliterated in asentence.

The thrilling atmosphere, unkind yet amusing employees, and scrumptious food the Billy Goat Tavern has to offer enhance the old bar into a wonderful, one-of-a-kind, enjoyable spot to dine....

The meaning and intonation emanates from within.

Sometimes a given device ortrope will fall mainly into a single category, as for example anexpletiveis used mostly for emphasis; but more often the effects of a particulardevice are multiple, and a single one may operate in all threecategories.

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And here the mind receives a great deal of satisfaction, and has two ofits faculties gratified at the same time, while the fancy is busy incopyingafter the understanding, and transcribing ideas out of the intellectualworld into the material.

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1. Use repetition for rhythm. This is perhaps the most common way repetition is used in writing. You can repeat a word to establish a rhythm, or a sentence structure. And, be aware, the opposite is also true–when a sentence does not have parallel structure, it is jarring to our sense of rhythm. Repetition is crucial for rhythm, which is, after all, based on it (I'm thinking drumbeats here).

Figurative language is broadly defined as using words to paint a picture in the reader’s mind

Are there difficult or confusing words? Even if you are only the slightest bit unsure about the meaning of a word, look it up in a good dictionary. If you are reading poetry written before the twentieth century, learn to use the Oxford English Dictionary, which can tell you how a word's definition and usage have changed over time. Be sure that you determine how a word is being used--as a noun, verb, adjective, adverb--so that you can find its appropriate meaning. Be sure also to consider various possible meanings of a word and be alert to subtle differences between words. A good poet uses language very carefully; as a good reader you in turn must be equally sensitive to the implications of word choice.

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Hindu culture at large is divided into many subset and Dasara is a very popular Hindu festival among all, regardless of the different practices or belief.