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Victoria Secret 85 is a company that sells female clothing including lingerie and many other beauty products ranging from skin care and cosmetics. The organization is famous for its annual events including the fashion shows that are participated by famous top models. It was formed in 1977 in California within the city of San Francisco. It was formed by the University of Tufts and student alumni named Roy Raymond from the University of Stanford Business School (New York Times, 25). Roy felt uncomfortable buying innerwear for his spouse in a branch store environment and so he decided to come up with the idea to release the first innerwear store in Stanford shopping mall in Palo Alto. This was meant to create an easy and relaxed atmosphere for men who wanted to purchase lingerie.

After The Limited acquiring the ownership of that company, it did not change the personal image of Victoria Secret. However, the company’s investment was expanded in shopping malls in different parts of the United States. In addition, they decided to expand their range of products and introduced shoes, perfumes and other clothing such as dinner wear. It is now one of the biggest American retailer businesses with a value of one billion dollars. In the year 1995, Victoria Secret came up with an idea of holding an annual fashion show event, which would include different show casings of innerwear designs. The main purpose was to promote the company by marketing its products in an elevated profile environment.

This Victoria secrets’s largest class of angels ever, but the brand known faces like Karlie Kloss and Doutzen Kroes out are.
This issue is probably a turning point for the show, thanks to his inspiring celebration of a new generation of talented artists who look at the younger audience to can.

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In 2006, the company decided to honor the environment by producing product catalogues that were environmental friendly after receiving complaints from Environmental activists’ organizations. The catalogues would no longer be made of wood pulp from any natural territory in Canada unless they were given permission to do so by the Committee of Forest governorship. In addition, the catalogues would be made of recycled materials from client wastes (CBC News, 2006). Internationally, Victoria Secret first opened their new shops in Canada within three places including the West Edmond and Kingsway Malls and Chinook Centre. Other countries that the company has invested their products include the Middle East, Caribbean and in the United Kingdom.

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It magnetized attention from many known celebrities and other known entertainment personalities who came to perform in the event. In the year 2007, The Limited Company decided to sell three quarter of its clothing products to another company called Sun Capital in order to use the returns to focus on the growth of Victoria Secret. They invested more in their lingerie stalks and skin care products, which in turn boosted returns of 72% of the profit that was earned by the company in 2006. Currently, Victoria Secret has one thousand lingerie stores and one hundred beauty and cosmetic stores. In addition, they send over four hundred million catalogues of innerwear, nightwear, beauty and cosmetic products annually.

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It was a time of innovation and progress, directed by the leadership of Queen Victoria.

A few years later Edward Hargraves's discovery of gold near Bathurst prompted a similar rush to the Australian colonies of New South Wales and Victoria.(Boisserry 11) Scenarios of lawlessness in the Californian and Australian goldfields became numerous.

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During the 19th century due to a lack of trust, competence, or unreliable law enforcement, the settlers on the frontiers took it upon themselves to provide security and safety for their newly progressing cities.

CHAPTER ONE Strange and Secret Peoples Fairies and Victorian Consciousness

A Note on Love, and Falling “Love,” and the expression of it, in the Victorian Era was characterized by strict social etiquette and idealized expectations.

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Stambaugh English 351-4th April 9, 2002 Creative Paper “The Secret Life of Tara Mulvihill” “Good morning princess,” I heard a voice day in a British accent as I looked around the huge bed chambers where I fo...

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It was planed that the duke and duchess were to name their daughter Georgiana Charlotte Augusta Alexandrina Victoria but Prince Regent refused to have his name (George) nor his daughters name (Charlotte Augusta) to be his god daughter’s name....

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Within the first half of the novel, the reader watches Robert transform himself from being happy-go-lucky with no cares at all in the world to a man devoted to his mission and thereby becoming a true picture of true Victorian manliness....

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Styled after a Victorian boudoir, Raymond's success prompted him to open three other locations, a catalog business, and a corporate headquarters within a few years....