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Some of the most beautiful handwritten documents, both in manuscript and drawing form as well as the best books and manuals teaching the most elegant forms of vintage penmanship were written with the use of quills and dip nibs.

12907: Asprey writing set in box: sterling silver dip pen, desk pencil, and paper knife with seal end, pen 16.6 cm long excluding plated nib, pencil uses 1.5 mm "VS" lead; all three pieces engraved "LW", bear London hallmarks with maker mark "JH" (John Hill?), lightly scribed jeweler's inventory numbers. "ASPREY" appears only on the silver blade of the paper knife.

Do not be mislead by myths about flexible nibs, hearsay and exaggerated claims, usually from individuals with very little or no knowledge and experience on the subject of flexible nibs. High performance flexible writing with a fountain pen is the combination of the next six attributes:

1. A high quality nib
2. Pen design
3. A high quality pen/nib setup
4. Adequate ink
5. Adequate paper
6. Flexy writing skills

This article focuses on flexible nibs for fountain pens.

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Good pen design will insure ideal ink flow, that it will consistently start writing as soon as the nib touches paper,
that will hold a significant amount of ink in its reservoir, that is portable and will not leak, spit, burp or need to be primed or shaken to write consistently, with an ergonomical shape that will be pleasant to hold, easy to control, be aesthetically pleasant to our eyes, and built of materials and craftmanship that will last for generations to come.

Example: The Pilot Falcon Namiki pen is a great high quality modern fountain pen.

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It takes a lot of finesse to observe and feel the behavior of the pen and to properly setup that flexible nib into a fountain pen for high writing performance.

I have also heard comments like, “My $30 pen is as flexible and performs just as good as a vintage Waterman pen I have.” Two factors this pen user might not know are: (1) That
​Waterman pen is perhaps not properly setup and it may have substandard performance, but not the maximum capabilities it can achieve; (2) That individual is perhaps unable to properly identify the very particular nuances of flexible nibs and high performance flexible writing ...

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Ledger Paper

This is a lovely bundle of Vintage Ledger Paper. In your package you will receive 10 sheets.

Measurements ~ 4 x 6 Inches

Each sheet is green and lined with green lines. The backside of the paper is blank. All four corners have been rounded for extra charm.

So many great uses. Try it for..
- Junk Journal Paper
- Scrapbooks
- Planner Notes
- Tags
- To Do Lists
- Embellishments

Happy Crafting!

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As good as Esterbrook pens are, their so called "flexible" nibs in J-series pen are incapable of achieving the flex writing performance found in the true vintage flexible nibs made by other pen manufacturers earlier.

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In fact, most writing samples in this website have been made using Rhodia Block 13 paper with 5x5mm squares.

As good as Rhodia paper is, do not expect it will perform well with all pens, nibs, and inks. The toughest selection of paper is when you are using extremely flexible and thin nibs, including dip pen nibs that have an ultra thin point.

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It also offers a very limited selection of quality modern pens that I have upgraded with vintage 14k flex nibs.

Two individuals exposed me to pendom world since my early childhood: My grandfather, an avid calligrapher, and my stepfather who used his Parker 51 fountain pen as a daily writer for more than 30 years. The Palmer Calligraphy Method was taught at our school, developing my appreciation for great calligraphy and shaping my penmanship skills at an early age.

Over the years I acquired pens, but the passion for vintage pens came in 2006 as I was seeking a Parker 51 fountain pen similar to my stepfather's lost pen.

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Mastering these skills will allow the writer to effectively assess and grade any fountain pen, flexible nib, paper and ink properties.

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