And I also chew a lot of gum when I want to cut down on smoking...."

They wanted to continue working in this type of field so they chose to become investigators.

They got to work. They set up a pain pump with a button that let him dispense higher doses of narcotic than he had been allowed. They arranged for an electric hospital bed, so that he could sleep with his back raised. They also taught Sharon how to keep Dave clean, protect his skin from breakdown, and handle the crises to come. Creed told me that part of her job is to take the measure of a patient’s family, and Sharon struck her as unusually capable. She was determined to take care of her husband to the end, and, perhaps because she was a firefighter, she had the resilience and the competence to do so. She did not want to hire a private-duty nurse. She handled everything, from the I.V. lines and the bed linens to orchestrating family members to lend a hand when she needed help.

Creed arranged for a specialized “comfort pack” to be delivered by FedEx and stored in a mini-refrigerator by Dave’s bed. It contained a dose of morphine for breakthrough pain or shortness of breath, Ativan for anxiety attacks, Compazine for nausea, Haldol for delirium, Tylenol for fever, and atropine for drying up the upper-airway rattle that people can get in their final hours. If any such problem developed, Sharon was instructed to call the twenty-four-hour hospice nurse on duty, who would provide instructions about which rescue medications to use and, if necessary, come out to help.

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“I don’t want to become a drug addict,” he explained. “I don’t want to need this.”

2. Since every nurse is registered and AHPRA has all records, it should be mandatory for them to mail you after 3 years out and warn that if you don’t work the 3mths, you wil have to do a re-entry course and notify of the cost and time it will take and give you a warning of the 10year time limit.

Do you want to be resuscitated if your heart stops?

Anyway, what I would propose is this:
1. Every nursing degree must have a disclaimer before you enter that says:
“as the majority of you are female, you may choose to have kids at some point in the future. You will study for 3 years, then may work for 8 years until you’re 30. If you take time off and it is more than 5 years, you will have to redo equivalent to 1st year uni. If you had a few more kids and thought it might be a good idea to spend time with them while they are growing up, NOTE THIS: After 10years, your training and experience is deemed useless and will no longer be recognised in Australia. You will need to redo your 3 year degree to re-enter as a nurse.”

I do want the public to be aware, and I want the media to help!

This thread is likely to become the most important and most responded to thread on Nurse Uncut…

I am in QLD and like most people, I left my nursing career 2003 to start family, and now my youngest child is starting Kindy, and I was so looking forward to return to nursing. I reapplied for my registration as it expired in July 2011, and fees was charged from my visa card. Then, I received an email from APRAH stated that I need to re-submit my application with CV and reference because I haven’t work since 2003. I dutily done what APRAH asked and submitted before due date, in September 2011. And now I am still waiting to hear from APRAH. I had called APRAH several times with no results. and as I am aware of, QLD doesn’t offer re-entry course at all! With all the comments that I read, I am having second thought about returning to nursing as it is becoming impossible for people like us to return to profession we used to loved and enjoyed. There are shortage of nurses everywhere, with peole like us wish to return to work force, but APRAH is not making it easy for us. Very disappointed.

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I have been trying to figure this whole situation out myself – am an R.N. been out of nursing for 10 years and looking to return. However, at the end of last year I was told that currently there is not one re-entry course in QLD that I could attend particularly up in the far north which is where I am. So, to recap – if you are a R.N. and live in QLD wanting to get back into nursing, your only option is to not only pay the 10,000, work 150 hours without pay, but also to leave all and travel interstate!!! Are there any other Queensland nurses in the same boat?

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I was informed by phone that my application for renewal was rejected as the new laws had been in effect since July 1. I was emailed this afterwards and this was my response with NO reply since……”I believe I indicated on the phone that my choices seem limited. I would be best to withdraw my application , as you said,as any time in the future, if I was to try and pursue a career in the nursing field, I would have to answer that I was rejected by the Board and thus being looked on in a negative light .
I know you pointed out that I should of been responsible for looking at the website and realising that I was going to lose all chance of ever re entering the Nursing profession but I do feel rather silly as I have made numerous calls to different offices trying to obtain the experience required under my Schedule 1B inquiry. I was also a bit disappointed that you indicated that that particular process was not really a serious one so in hindsight I wasted the airfare/time and energy on ever really starting the whole process.
I have tried Coffs Harbour Hospital and rung Bellingen and I also had a Sister from Coffs Hospital in Theatres enquire and give me a Lismore number to try and pursue any avenue I could to start the training. I have been met with a “No”response every time and mainly due to funding problems.
Now that I am back to the drawing board and have to fully re train it seems I have missed the boat. ”
I was told that I would have to look at $30, 000 to totally retrain…I get it..I want to be competent too but I was caught unaware and with no sympathy or options to pursue.
I was Hospital trained at RNSH in Sydney and was one of the youngest people accepted in to the Neurosurgical Course at that time but I moved to the Nt and lost those credentials….I can see I am not the only one!

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I have read the above posts and it really concerns me that the bureaucracy is hell bent on making it so difficult for nurses to return to the workforce. My partner has been out of the workforce for the past 5 years while she has been caring for our two children. She was planning on returning to work this year but that is now out of the question. There is no way we can raise $10,000 for her to do a return to practice course. So it looks like NSW has lost another good registered nurse. I will also be contacting the Minister for Health and my local Federal MP to get some action on this issue.