Should the legal drinking age be lowered, or should it not be lowered.

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The drinking age should be lowered to a younger age if not lifted all together.

At the age of 18 people are allowed to buy tobacco, vote, get married without parental consent, and even join the armed forces, so why can’t some one who is 18 by alcohol.

In this paper I am going to defend why there should not be a drinking age, because I believe that it is essential to help solve the underage drinking problems we have in our nation....

If we look at Canadian statistics where the minimum drinking age is 18 or 19, we see that the impaired driving rate has also steadily declined from the mid-1980s through to 2006 mostly due to new legislation and better public awareness of the impact of impaired driving....

The solution to this would be in lowering the drinking age and raising the driving age....

Despite the fact that both sides showcase decent evidence, only one brings hard-hitting facts that truly make a difference: the legal drinking age should not be lowered because it helps prevents youths from driving drunk, it helps prevent youths from committing violent crimes, and it helps prevent incomplete develop of the brain....

Should The Drinking Age Be Lowered To 18 Essay

For decades, ever since the days of Prohibition, in fact, many politicians, academics, and parents alike have engaged in the drinking age debate – the question being whether or not the legal drinking age of 21 should be lowered to 18?

18/11/2013 · Lower the Drinking Age From 21 to 18

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The topic never seems to fully disappear, and New Hampshire and California are two of the latest states to reignite the drinking age debate with political proposals hoping to gain support from voters. The California proposal aims to make the purchase and consumption of alcohol legal for those 18 and up, while the New Hampshire bill would make it legal for those aged 18-20 to drink beer and wine, as long as they are in the presence of 21-and-over adults.

If the drinking age were lowered to 18, ..

The legal drinking age in our nation, which is dictated on a state-by-state basis, has a varied history. At the repeal of Prohibition, the legal drinking age was accepted nationwide as 21, but when the voting age dropped from 21 to 18 in the early 1970s, many states followed suit by lowering the drinking age as well. However, not long after, the National Minimum Drinking Age Act of 1984 was passed, punishing states that allowed persons under 21 to purchase and publicly possess alcoholic beverages.

Why should the drinking age be lowered to 18 essay

Not sure if you believe the legal drinking age should be lowered to 18? Here are some of the most widely-recognized pros and cons of the drinking age debate.

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My opinion is that we should lower the drinking age to 18 years of age or let separate states decide, but stress alcohol education in schools at an early age.

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Whether the legal drinking age is 18 or 21, we must recognize that many young adults and teens will drink alcohol and even engage in binge drinking. And even more importantly, we must recognize that proper education is important for young adults to make safe, smart decisions regarding their own behaviors. While the drinking age debate rages on, we must continue to work hard to monitor and educate young adults about the dangers of alcohol abuse.

I believe that the legal drinking age should be 18

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Should the drinking age be lowered from 21 to a younger age? Read pros, cons, and expert responses in the debate.

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