But happiness cannot buy money.

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The thesis statement is the core element of essay’s introduction which presents your position and sets the manner of further presentation. There can be two radical answers to the question whether money can buy happiness: “no, money can never buy happiness” and “yes, money can buy happiness.” Proceeding from these two positions you can choose this one is closer to you and make it your point of view to prove further. Besides, you can suggest that there is not a single and unified answer to this everlasting question and take a compromise position with an accent on the differences in individual perception on the issue. You can also propose to analyze a few popular stakes verifying them by the examples from the life or literature. Thus, you can have at least five various thesis statements on this topic, and this is not the limit. All they imply the different structure of presenting. You should count this fact when deciding what point of view you are going to choose because it is always easier to write in the manner you like.

As a rule, the essay of such kind does not require the strict form of presentation and limit you in the direction of your presentation. It means that any position you will present will be suitable and original. You have minimal chances to “copy and paste” somebody’s position as well as you, most likely, have a strong conviction on money and happiness issues (everyone see the happiness as he/she feels it and feelings could not be the same; they have diverse emotional shadows). Moreover, the diversity of perspectives on the happiness issue in American, English and Australian literature, cinema, paintings create the substantial ground for choosing convincing and persuasive for and against arguments. Moreover, such controversial topics improve your vocabulary and rhetorical abilities greatly. It is especially useful for international students who strive to pass the English IELTS test. Let’s see how it’s work.

First, by surveying a national sample of more than 600 Americans, they found that spending more on gifts and charity correlated with greater happiness, whereas spending more money on oneself did not.

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I partly disagree with this theory. This happiness effect may be related to spontaneous giving. I have recently began supporting my mother, and thus in theory that should qualify as giving to others and make me feel happier. But I feel just the opposite, as an unfair obligation that it is thrusted upon me because of the family links and that at the end leaves less on the table for my immediate family. Maybe giving money to charitable causes that are not an obligation may feel good, but helping others because you are the only one who can do so, doesn’t really improve happiness, I think it improves one’s burden.

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The results from the experiments are interesting. But they leave me with a basic question. Did the people who spent the money on others let other people know what they had done? In other words, was the spending aimed at others simpy a way to purchase social status and esteem, in the same way the purchase of the newest style suit or dress might be? Just because the money is spent “on someone else” does not necessarily mean that there is something unique about it. Standard economic theory, for example, states axiomatically that the marginal or incremental happiness from consuming a given item diminishes the more one cosumes of the item. Could the greater happiness simply reflect the relatively small “consumption” of others that people engage in, relative to consuming other things? Perhaps the more fundamental question that remains is, what is the basic mechanism through which increased spnding on others leads to greater happiness?

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From my own personal experience, I have observed that when I spend money on others who are dear to me, really and measurably helps them, I feel that the money was well spent and my happiness is increased.

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Money is one of the most important things in our lives, next to food to eat, a home to live in, and ways to get from here to there but with all of those things, you need money. So that’s where the “money can buy happiness” phrase comes in because people think that since money can buy everything else then it can easily buy happiness also.